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Edit the chat!

Paradoc 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 48

It gets so annoying when you type "lol" too fast when you die then get muted. Makes no sense! Also, when you forget to say something so you send another message but get muted again. Rezoner, can you imply a better program for the muting?


+1 to that. Anti-spam is way too tense.


this is very important


very important

why that minus one tho

i guess that person is fine with too strict muting


We must not stop until we are allowed again to tell each other "gg" without one getting muted.


Please implement this rez

Lol i like how there are other stupid ideas that are put "under review" but this one is not, even tho this is very importtant

Paradoc has been muted 60 seconds for typing "lol" too fast.

Not necessarily stupid but needlessly time consuming


Funny situation at US server

I dying with 2 other players, cuz we roll into us

(BRAZIL unknown player): lol

Ukryty Castle Sentry has been muted for 60 seconds

(USA unknown player) has been muted for 60 seconds

I check what USA guy wrote and its:


Me: lol

USA: lol

We wrote "lol" in same second, so it wasn't fair.

Wait, why I write it here?

im from brazil lol

ey thats a pretty goood


Too important to be ignored.


Bumping this because:

  • Now you can be muted just by refreshing in the main chat.

  • You get muted for saying long sentences that actually make sense, and it's infuriating to remember what to say in spaces.

  • The current system doesn't make any sense. it needs to be fixed and balanced.

These things in general are annoying, please do something about it. thank you.

thank you, but this post went down pretty fast lmao

thanks for xtra upvotes people, this is actually what wilds players want

Damn 3 more + in 2 days 

Rezoner,are you going to put this in review

well this happends with the friends here we say hello if they say hello back they get muted

THE ONLY REASON SOMEONE SHOULD GET MUTED IS IF THAT PLAYERS SPAMS!! Not if I say something and then someone else repeats it. At the end of a match I always like to say GG, but with the mute thing I have to say GGG or GGGG, in order so that I don't run the chance of getting muted.

wow everyone is bumpign xD

bump again

Im still getting muted, page 5

bump 20 likes and no evalueted


like rez is too lazy to fix this

He has a lot to do yknow, he'll get to this idea eventually

Huh. 2 months, didnt put "under review" and puts that title for other ideas that are really not needed

I think my idea no make sense now


i gave a +1 to that post

only by saying too time the same thing in a row you get muted must only if you say more than 5 times

NO, there are other mute mechanics too

these bumps!!!!!

There are many bumps because this is what the wildsio community needs most,  but rez canno swee(cannot see)

Under review

Erm I have done it like today. Two people can type LOL one after another. But I already see players are abusing it to spam.

Im saying that a more logical spam counter mechanism would be the best. For example, if a person sends 5 msgs in under 3 seconds, that would be spam. something like that