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achieveiment unlocked!: Smooth killer

okay how 'bout a round number? like 5000?

oh and what about some lifesteal?

EX: special or charged gives you back 1+ hp


im not reading all of that lol i just skimmed through

YASSS time to grow my boner! xDDDDDDD

oh yeah i forgot lol maybe 3,4, and 5?

also, i forgot to add something.

there should be a timeline for the weapon like how long you  need to be  by the weapon to pick it up 

kinda like zone capturing.

for example:  n00b has just lost his wand and is now on the floor then pr0 comes along and stands beside the weapon for 3 seconds to pick it up while holding down the pick up button (A, S, or D)

makes sense?

what about the tribe owner could buy perks for the tribe with bones? like for every 1000 bones he could buy 1% more gold/bone or swiftness

you know those tips like "use kick to counter roll"? i think they should be added at the death bar along with some other fun facts and sneak peeks at what rez might do next i hate it when they repeat tips over and over.

mallet is kinda like hammer

i like the idea of quarter staffs

brass knuckles are basically claws

good idea though