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[WIP] New menu

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by werewolf 7 years ago 25

I have decided to change the menu once again. This will give easier access to game modes for new players as well as give us more space in chat.

Image 1417


This is indeed a smart layout It will take some time to get used to but it definetely looks easier to navigate


Well i see you removed 3v3 and ctf, probably for remake. Also desert coming back. One thing what is more Interesting is experimental map :> I think menu looks now better especially for new players. Personaly i think "melee" should have name "desert" because this sounds more interesting.  But this is my opinion :p

And one question: It's possible check amount of players in each server? I think for check it, player must switch server region on top and this should show amount of players in this server.

Experimental? Meele? What's going on? :D

Under review

We shall see - this is not like the old desert - it's a new map, if people not gonna like it, I can put an empty desert instead. Nevertheless it's a meele mode so no bows or wands there.

I think it's interesting.

"Collect bones and grow"

 If this mean growing mechanic is back... YASSSS 

Yassss* :~p


YASSS time to grow my boner! xDDDDDDD

Ubuntu! Sublime Text for the win. 

you should add a mode for only ranged as well.

wow so cool :)


Progress. I am also working on a new mechanics to earn gold. Your soccer and arena position will be rewarded with gold (every day).

Interesting. And what about scores in pvp and soccer? They will be decreased?

Intresting... Wait does that mean rezak is the richest on WILDS?? Nooooo Jk its good for me either way


Give me the sign of the champion :C


Rezoner...I beg you, split 1v1 and 3v3 queues if you plan to bring 3v3 into it, like I said here: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3049-complete-arena-revamp/


Yup this new display will have it splitted

Thank god, finally split 1v1 and 3v3.

gold for position in soccer and arena but and for bones rank and ctf

Nice how you can see how much gold you have gotten from the arena and football. That's helpful. And - lol - the placement of the "log in" buttons looks exactly like the one on my idea.

This topic shouldn't have the [WIP] (working in progress) anymore xD