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Tribal Benefits

THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 7 years ago updated by sushisling3r 7 years ago 9

There should be benefits to joining a tribe.

Right now there aren't really any benefits, unless your tribe has a discord server. Then it's pretty cool. But there aren't really any in game benefits. So I think there should be.

Just a few ideas:

Gold: When you're tribe gets 10000 bones, the players that contributed more than say, 200 bones get 200 - 300 gold. The numbers are really flexible, because I don't know what the bone getting rate for an average tribe is.

Teams: tribe members should be able to team up with just one another in a seperate team. Against everyone, except the tribe members they are with. They should only be able to do this with a few people, so servers aren't getting dominated. I don't know if this is possible to be made in the game, so sorry if it's a waste of time.

Any other ideas would be great.

- The Lord of Ferrets

For the bones idea, change up the numbers. 200, 300 bones is ez for most people in a tribe. As for teaming up, that can't happen otherwise it would be unbalanced. But I think there should be a couple perks for being in a tribe

yeah, the teaming up was a long shot.

LoL why no use just matchmaking for teaming? I think for this it has been added. Also just join to one team and problem solved.

Under review

In fact - if you are in a tribe and your matchmaking tag is empty - a guild tag is secretly inserted there, that's why you often meet your guild mates in the game ;)

There definitely should be some perks. Right now joining a tribe just gives you a couple of cool floating letters near your name

And also possibility of conquer lands on map, and check players activity in tribe.

Btw. Rez want implement new guild options. We must only give him more time. He can't fix modes and add things in the same moment.

there also was traxidos tribal communities post so yeah... That may be an update

what about the tribe owner could buy perks for the tribe with bones? like for every 1000 bones he could buy 1% more gold/bone or swiftness