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let's say you kick someone weapons away and the weapon lands with a CLUNK on the floor never to be used again and eventually fading away. what if you could pick up fallen weapons?


-newcomers would stay in the game longer because of the bait of new weapons

-would be really cool and add a new aspect in 1v1


-kinda hard to communicate through

-probably hard to code it out

-could provide for some game-breaking glitches


the pickup button could be like A, S or D

could only be used when you have no weapon in hand.

also, i forgot to add something.

there should be a timeline for the weapon like how long you  need to be  by the weapon to pick it up 

kinda like zone capturing.

for example:  n00b has just lost his wand and is now on the floor then pr0 comes along and stands beside the weapon for 3 seconds to pick it up while holding down the pick up button (A, S, or D)

makes sense?

no more 15 secs of non-weapon fight!

that would be great


Sounds like a cool idea, but A, S, D are parts of the general movement that is WASD, meaning that you would need to sacrifice a directional movement button in order for this to "work". Most people prefer WASD, and that's the problem. Try picking a different button, like Z could do well.

Maybe you use arrow keys, I don't know. All I'm saying is; please try to find a better key to use this with.

I hope you understand,

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

oh yeah i forgot lol maybe 3,4, and 5?

Yah, I'm playing WASD. I recalled in my mind playing wilds on arrow keys when I got 4k pts. Ouch.

this counters my grab idea, but pretty good. 


I see one problem. When player disarm you, and the weapon is on the ground basically you also can pick up it and reset your disarm in few seconds. 

In other side if disarmed player can't pick up back his own weapon, and enemy can, this is kinda strange.

I see no point in it , good day sir.