Player retention idea: new weapons/hats

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Hi, today I'm talking about a problem that may be why many new players don't return: Boredom

I recently have asked some friends to try out wilds. A couple of them asked,"what's the point of the game?". I feel like this may be a leading cause of why we're not getting players. Those who join will wander around, manage to maybe kill a couple other players, get killed a few times, and get off, because there's nothing for them to do other than kill other players, which obviously isn't good enough(makes sense, since the only people they can kill are noobs like them and they aren't yet good enough to fight more skilled players).

What I'm proposing is to give new players a goal. Allow people who aren't logged in to collect up to 900 coins and get a few weapons and helmets. The weapons they'll be able to get will of course be inferior to the weapons unlockable by players with accounts, but will give them something to shoot for. instead of saying, "oh, this is pointless, I'll leave now", they'll say, "I wonder what that weapon does?" and try to get coins and buy it.

Here's my idea of how it should work

Image 1406

Hover the mouse over the red arrow in the far right

And this will pop out.

Image 1409

Of course they won't be able to buy the bow, and the price would not necessarily 500, and there would be more weapons and hats. The point of this is so that new players can track their gold and buy stuff while playing(and because it pisses me off when I'm close to getting a weapon but I have to die to check my gold or buy it) 

It would be up to rez to decide if the player's gold resets and what to include in the yellow hint boxes. Maybe the top one talks about the benefits of logging in and the bottom one talks about how gold works/tip on how to get it?

Potential Weapon ideas:

  • Quarterstaff
  • Scythe(makes sense that it would be an inferior weapon)
  • brass knuckles(?)
  • mallet
  • dagger

Just throwing these out. If you want comment balancing/stats for the weapons or other weapon ideas, feel free to post in comments or even create your own post

I have no idea what hats to include  :3

But I feel like it would be boring if it was just weapons...

I think this idea would help with keeping players but might be difficult to implement


  • Gives new players a goal
  • promotes coming back to the game
  • promotes logging in in order to get better weapons
  • May be really hard to implement
  • May overcomplicate the game/be too complex
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Thanks for reading,
- Storm Crow

It's good you want more new players in game. I think we all want it. Best way for keep longer players in game is adding small and bigger achievments. New player have small goals and also this can be used as tutorial. 

For example: "kick another player using right mouse button" 

Also for each achievments should be reward. 

This is probably best solution and also so much pros can come when Rez add achievments. 

Also it should be two categories with achievments, for beginers and advanced players.


you know those tips like "use kick to counter roll"? i think they should be added at the death bar along with some other fun facts and sneak peeks at what rez might do next i hate it when they repeat tips over and over.

Yeah, this idea might be too extreme of a solution to a relatively low level problem

mallet is kinda like hammer

i like the idea of quarter staffs

brass knuckles are basically claws

good idea though