Your comments

power grind? probaly30-ish minutes depending on the opposing team

but collecting money gets boring REAL quick because there's really no purpose with the money

what's "noob" about this topic?

how am i confusing you?

ahh i see

i'm still playing on NA server and the lag subsided but its still quite annoying might be internnet?

and srsly who goes easy on noobs? they will learn the hard way

i made that jump dough。。。


good idea! i just dont really like the second one dough

i dont like the knife quests or any item kill quest i think they are the hardest but great idea anyway

i can see how it works i used to play tanki(i quit due to p2w) and they had these daily missions that got me addicted to the game even though i hate tanki

its copied from that idea, just made a bit different