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same i tried to record it but i was too lazy 

i think it will look nice if it had more of a lunge effect

its a good idea

heres some mistypes

if they go too extreme with the mistypes they sound like idiots











theres some more but there not very common

the whole reason rez implanted the 1 idea a week rule is so that the forums don't get spammy however Issa is not 100% spam account its about 50 50 and he has some good ideas too

top 1: 5,000 gold

top 2: 2500 gold

top 3: 1,500 gold

4-10: 1,000 gold

11-100: 500 gold

101-500: 250 gold

501-1000: 100 gold

1001-???: nothing u suck dori's

google translate to the rescue!

it means 

I get very angry that when I throw my gun and my fists are not too strong. I can not defend myself with my fists. Also the special ability becomes useless. I would like the fist to be loaded or have a special ability of its own. The ability would be like the arrow of fire. A fist of fire but shorter and weaker.

I would like to apologize if you do not understand much what I write. I do not know how to make the translator translate what I want. I am sorry.

nah too much work for rez

I really agree with the poisoned arrows I think it will give the game more spack.

however i dont not agree with the 10-second-long stamina de-buff if you players dont already know 10-seconds is a long time for a pvp game alot can happen in 10 seconds. heck, in 5 seconds 2 well-seasoned players may have died from pvping with each other!

maybe a slight regen? but more dmg taken from melee and knifes