Your comments

nah i think he relized he fucked up and became a hermit

this game has a lot of potential.

A)this developer acutally listens to us unlike other games (cough cough helmet heroes)

B) this game is extremely easy to get hooked on

some improvements?:

a)make gold slightly more easier to earn.

b)talk to some youtubers to see if there happy to promote your game. if that doesn't work. post a ad or something

well i guess so...

i dunno what other buff could be added to the sheild though...

for the gladiator effect.

its kinda like converting ur bones into hp but without losing ur bones

the hp system works like a health potion that only heals 1 hp

Sorry i just a add-on.

Shield buffs

normal shield (nothing) (duh)

spiked shield (0.3 second longer stun or 0.5 damage when stunned)

steel sheild (slightly wider block.{200 degree block for projectiles and 300 degree block for meelee})

also vanity and equipment could also apply

whats the current spageti to gold currency?

my suggestions:

clones have no time limit

maximum 5 clones per person

more numbed arrow aimbot

when you use a potion like heal or rage it applies to all clones

um not really cuz you cant necessarily block with a claw.