Scythe - new weapon (2)

Seraph 7 years ago updated by Zeis Lion 7 years ago 31

Main Attacks: Spin once, uppercut. Damage 2

CHARGED: Bring the scythe down upon your opponent, Damage 3, if it goes over the opponent do extra damage 1 when brought back.

SPECIAL: Very quick diagonal upper left then down slash, Damage 4


This weapon is made for execution, as seen by the name. The cost is 3600 because of it's ability. I've been thinking about the idea for 2 days after a week passed, so here it is now.

Hope you like it, enjoy! Feel free to change the cost to whatever else if it is necessary.

~Seraph, currently Warden Nejvorkul.

P.S. this one may not be as easy to make as others, but hopefully it's worth it for the.. let's just say Millionaires.

Second wep idea, Let me know what you think!

Sword but worse


Special attack looks kinda op. Most of special attacks deal 2 dmg, and in your idea this attack deal 1/2 of player hp. Ideas for attacks looks nice but wep need more optimalization in my opinnion.

Besides you'd have to wait long for add this because of what I know, Rez has plans for at least two or three kinds of weapons at the moment. Including one of your weapon idea :)


do a gun with special attack bomb fire :)



What about a kind of battle sickle?

Also, this special should be maybe 3 dmg, not 4 :)

I agree, this looks more "barbarian".

Yup, so-called "Dothraki swords" from GoT are battle sickles.


But that's not even a scimitar, and it looks like the only damage it could do is by blunt force.


I know that you made "mountain tiles", but still, (arrow)

Why would you use something like this? A real sickle would be better for the sharp point it has.

..No offense is meant, just my opinion.


2hand weapon?


The problem is that the scythe was rarely used as weapon (as being really impractical).

It was rather a weapon of choice, when one was unable to obtain (or afford) something better.

Also, even if used, it was usually modified to something like a pike:

Here are polish scythemans (kosynierzy) form XIX century.

Also, check out this:


Of course this game is far away from reality, so I'm not telling that I don't like your idea :D


its just like the sword but 3 times ( sword damage x 3)

try re balancing the damages



I apologize about the damage and how it might be too overpowered, but a change in cost can be justified, right?

So how about 7,000 or 9,000 gold? That should make some players envy you for having it, plus you would have the (currently) most damaging weapon in the game! that is, if it was in the game.

So again, sorry for the inconvenience, and about the damage.. but if it exists, it can kill you, right?

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

P.S: sorry for bumping a very old post, but you need to do what must be done in order for something to be accomplished.


bruh so we are gonna let 1v1 spin out of control?

remember the 10k hat right? WELL PEOPLE HAS IT SOOOOO... and also theres paypal


The charge up should be a spin attack. That would make it more balanced with other weapons, and it makes sense.

but it wouldnt look cool


We should make all weapons balanced, not have 6 $1000 - $2400 bad weapons and one $7000 op weapon. 

Also...Scythes are FARMING TOOLS, not weapons.

Also...this post is 3 months old!?!

Way to kill the fun of it..

A weapon that 2-3 shots players will kill the fun...

Sorry, I have been way over critical, but it just doesn't make sense that a farming tool does twice the damage of a sword and costs seven times as much as a hammer.

The damage just can't be that high, it's unbalanced


okay how 'bout a round number? like 5000?

oh and what about some lifesteal?

EX: special or charged gives you back 1+ hp

I was thinking that could be the special for the scythe, but it doesn't really make sense, plus it's pretty weak if it only heals one hp

Also price should be 1500, charged attack is 2 damage and special does 3 damage


What have I done... I should've never bumped this back up. Oh well. it's on the internet, it's there forever, anyone can just dig it up and make-do with it what they want.. damn it.

I like the idea... but it's kinda OP in my opinion