Scrambled maps- and other stuff

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

i remeber in the old wilds where everything was random and there was weird walls and such 

my idea is to bring back that but in larger peices

lets call each notable structure an acre. 

if you switched the fort with the sandpit would it still work and be okay?

i think we should just set it for different servers so each server has a different layout 

kinda like deeeep.io 

and also.

may you return the old chest in the middle surrounded by chests back?

namely in the location of the old spear fort.

also maybe a lone rogue sand worm and roams the empty wastelands of the top-right and bottom area?

he could have a invisible boundary that will pull him back so he wont get stuck in a weird place or something.


you know when you die and you see the bone and gold limit?

maybe everytime your bone limit goes up so does your swiftness kinda like attack speed, running, walking, and stamina regen.

Next time just organize your thoughts better. Otherwise, I agree and I have a similar idea here- http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3034-return-the-ruins/

Boi stahp typing like that

I think that we should have the chest back, with the forts in CTF or some other game mode. I like the current sand worm.