Your comments

i mean its a pretty good bump

button mapping (rezoner has better stuff to do, and the controls are already easy enough)

lighting levels (we could add night and day or u could just turn up your computer's brightness

resolution ( i agree but this game is already quite pixelated)

volume bar (ehhh sure but rezoner has better stuff to work on)

pre spawn link (rezoner has better stuff to work on)

we already have chat toggle

IG score board would be too clunky

team switching (yes yes yes you can finally shake off those targeters)

this game isn't THAT big u know

i know but when (approximately) will it be released?

maybe but theres no music in

try using /recover_tribe

the lowest ping i ever got was 4 (at a library) and the highest i ever got was like 700-800 ish

oh and disguised what do you mean by chrome takes a toll on the CPU? i tried opera before but my character always sticky key

well this is an okay idea i think if u made it less harsh, made soccer quests not appear as often or remove soccer quests in genreal