Your comments

i dis-agree with the chest drops i think the chests should drop more gold but i digress.

i think the backpack should be an upgradeable item that can be bought in the store for 1k gold. when you first buy it you get one extra slot that is miscellaneous the hotkey could be "RTY" and each time you buy a backpack you increase the storage by +1

hai may i be a beta tester if it happens?

i see his point ctf is a bit overun by bots. 

i think the weapons are good enough once we have too much weapons there features are going to bleed into each other.

i think rezoner should focus on the companions or skin buffs

its gonna be way to complaicated with buttons all over the place

i used to but there was too much stuff and it was super confusing.

now im back and active on anyways

oh okay sorry i didnt know the stats