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i am The Drug Dealer fromerly known as sushisling3r in-game and on discord i have joined seals (my first tribe) and now currently reside in THEMK i dont play arena and my highest bone count is 253

elf ears just look like the viking helmet but without the hat

nah haste pot is kinda useless the only use for haste is trading it in for hp pots

such a try hard idea

stop it

it'll be too much work for rezoner to pull off

or we could have a throwing knife that spawns in every 10 seconds

woah woah there thats pretty harsh. like everybody else said just use spear rope or a ranged weapon

do u remember the caltrop? yh maybe that would work

i think the game-mode should be re-toggled. start it off with 1 shadow and 9 other low hp humans then start from there also you may wanna consider making the map smaller because right now its bassically running simulator or you could have games of 5

oh and how do you "win" a game?

might wanna consider making humans easier to see?

meh... i think he just has too much respect for power

like i beat him in a 1v1 once and he wanted to be friends  lol

well.... compared to targeters he nothing. yes he may be immature and like a 6 year old but my strat is just to be "friends" with him oh well i can only hope about banning vaG Dentata