DEAD RIP wilds.io 2015?-2017

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 7 years ago 13

so as u know this sheep-fag has been spamming the forum and rez didnt ban him not only that but he didnt fix the kick bug correctly

i don't want to be rash but i think wilds is dead and rezoner has given up or maybe join a developer team for another game!

memorial thread post ur legacies here

rip rezoner rip wilds.io

i am The Drug Dealer fromerly known as sushisling3r in-game and on discord i have joined seals (my first tribe) and now currently reside in THEMK i dont play arena and my highest bone count is 253

In my perspective, this game doesn't really look "dead" yet. It still squirming with those pesky rookies all camping in the EU server. But, if shit comes out of nowhere... ._.

Meh, I'm Ruby Rose (Wilds.io Forgotten Veteran ;-;) and I've formerly been in THEMK and in BLVCK.

I am Seraph, formerly known as Acolyte, Magnarokk, Azhajorath, and my first true name: Frostfang.

 I was in a tribe before they existed, such as Wallshifters (temporary, was disbanded months later) and Vigilantes, which I still remain loyal to.

 Over the days of Wilds I grew better and better, until eventually Beta came, it was super wonky and such, which led me to getting my first weapon other than axe; the hammer. It seemed powerful at the time, more than ever.

 There were lots of pits in the current ruins map, and then the second map + balances came.

 Such and such, and now I have my greatest achievement: Skill, a snazzy style (crusader helm + angel wings) and high rankings in arena. Some even recognize me.

I am Ukryty, I rarely play this game, I always got Ukryty as my nickname, as long as tribes exist in this game, I'm in Seals... Idk what to say, Rest In Peace, wilds.io :/

I have noticed a decline in people I recognise


I blame bow and mages.   I also blame the communities lack of foresight and protecting these things.  Most .io games are practically shooters anyway, we've never had something that played so smooth and so fast as wilds in terms of melee combat.  RIP indeed, and maybe we will learn from our mistakes from our approach, because maybe instead of saying it's his game to change . . . we say it's our game to change.  Quite sad what this had to come to.  And even if kick is fixed, what then?  

Goodbye Wilds.io

Nononono guys the game IS NOT DEAD

we are the community that keeps it alive and you shouldnt give up because the dev did one mistake or because theres a salty toxic arsehole that spams the forum

who is with me???

I am..? I mean, the game is not "dead" dead yet, there's still a couple veterans here, including me...unless we leave... ;-;

I am Egzekutor and i am in tribe WILDS. I think this is enough for recognize me. For me game is far away from dead state, because still so much players is playing wilds. 

Only discord and maybe forum is now kinda quiet, but still game is active. I think players need something what add to the community more options for talking or cooperating. This can be event, new weapon or something like this.


You're getting banned.

Again, God fucking damn it community.