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Let's discuss graveyard game mode

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Post your comments about this new game mode.

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Nothing but a lag that won't make me enter any gamemode in general now.

I discovered what was the lag, had people with many bones in a match, some had 6 thousand another 10 thousand.

I cant play any game mode since the fraveyard game mode additions

Console screenshot:

Rezoner i say you on discord the other problems that need to be fixed but now

This mode have future bad lag is... imposible play

Same situation with me,still can't enter the damn game.

I don't really have problems with lag ._. I don't know. I think graveyard mode is pretty cool, I like it. The fact that you can't see people through walls is cool.

oh so that what it is i thought that it was a bug


It's cool mode but hard

Ahoy people Im back but ill be gone for a couple days again, no internet connection :(

Really like the new gamemode, didnt play it yet :)

I played it with my sister and it laged like hell.

Welcome back and remember to join my winter map server on discord. The invite is in the userecho topic"A set..."


i like it a lot !!! but....yes it is really laggy because of the animations...but rez can fix that...my only thought is making the shadows win....when you become a shadow at the start of the game you automaticaly are gonna lose..the last surviving human wins after all...i wish that there was something implemented that the shadows can win too...!

I'm thinking like ..a time limit...lets say 10 minutes time limit if there are any humans alive when the time hits 10 minutes HUMANS WIN...but if all the humans die before 10 minutes THE SHADOWS WIN!!!

These are my thoughts. What do you guys think?

It's not dificult to play this mode actually,me and my sister were playing and it was fun,regardless of being human or shadow.


Znaš da možeš pričati ovako :D


Weapons are no longer throwable in graveyard, I don't find that good, as it was a tactic to keep them from reaching you, and with the new spear mechanics it could've been a piercing knock-out to unaware players to keep both the target and the hunters(shadows) on their toes. What happened to that?

Under review

Shadows can't throw weapon due to a bug - I will fix that.

developer announcement *-*

Mean that Rezoner will take this topic into account because it will be useful to him to see the opinions of players about this new game mode 

Just this

Yea,btw,"just this"?

Huge lag after join the game it's normal for me idk why i have this

I have always lag too as inevitable thing,but it's still annoying.Try to fix that or reduce it.

rez, what if you make the game have multiple maps? like, after 10 matches the game changes the map? i think that would make the people want to play more.

i think the game-mode should be re-toggled. start it off with 1 shadow and 9 other low hp humans then start from there also you may wanna consider making the map smaller because right now its bassically running simulator or you could have games of 5

oh and how do you "win" a game?

might wanna consider making humans easier to see?

What do you think about this: night Graveyard! It can be really scary and exciting.


First day: This game is the best
second day: Back to football

  1. Rounds take around.... 5 seconds in total? Everyone die tooooooooo quickly
  2. Endless waiting between one and another round
  3. You cannot wait during player searching in fort.

takes to mush time to set up

game should start automatically


nobody plays it ;_;

Players aren't really given much incentive to fight together especially when it gets down to the last few humans and it turns in to who can run away better. I'd rather see something like timed survival rounds of about 2 or 3 minutes in which points are awarded for kills and to the winning team. I also really liked how the first iteration of the map had some cliffs on it since they made a good defense point, some cliffs in the current map would be welcome.

I fight axe noobs for health, but sometimes its safer to just run.

This gamemode is to spooky, considering I can't see players behind walls -____-

I like it, shame more people don't play


Graveyard mode = dead :D
I am coming to a conslusion that the only mode that I should work on is Fort. All other modes take long to make and they die after 3 days

You're right, but maybe it can be better if you put this game mode in game modes category that aren't always in-game (like hell and CTF).

What about winter map? You will not work on it?

True.Btw Im gonna post my idea now.I hope you posted it on discord by now.

I posted them on discord too.

pls just add 1 new map :(


I over-dose on clone potions and bilbo bots to make a match start. I'm literally the only soul there and i don't want to wait an eternity for people to show up just so i can play. Its a good idea with a lot of good and fun in it, but most people just don't care about anything unless its new. You can literally make a new update that's awesome and cool, and then a week later players are gonna be like "THAT WAS SO LAST TUESDAY"and stop playing. Then those who DO want to play can't play (or at least don't find any enjoyment doing it by themselves), and can't even get a score or have fun with the new mode they still think is cool no matter what.

But I think the main thing is that people just don't know about it, or are focused on the other game modes. Especially fort since its practically the most important game-mode to most people.

That's cheating. But i do it too. DON'T TELL! You should play with me more.

If graveyard is dead like CTF, Hell and desert, why people still play fort?

Fort is  the most polished game mode yet, plus there are lots of things you can do there: PvP, conquer the fort, defend it, fight monsters, spam the gold chest etc

I dont think that CTF and hell are dead - they are a special game modes events.

Probabily 3v3 and desert are dead:

Desert because few players play it and 3v3 because we have browars that is 2v2 - the only different between 3v3 and browars is that in 3v3 u can collect potions.

CTF was disabled for maintenance, but I think it will never come back.

Hell wasn't special game mode, Rez just noticed hell is dead so he deleted it.

If rez comes back, CTF will 100% get back sooner ot later

This took so much time to you to write this reply. XD

R.I.P. Graveyard. I will remember your awesomeness :(