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To add another layer of customization to wilds, I purpose that we have classes added to the shop. basicly these races would have different stats depending on the race, ere are some of the

Dwarve, the Dwarve has higher HP and higher damage for fists, but it is a little slower and has less stamina

Elves, Elves have higher faster running and jumping and the cooldown for the dash is less, however, elves have less hp than a human (grunt) or a dwarve,

Orc, Orcs have a little better stamina and speed, but what makes the good is that they can hit knocked down enemys, but the only problem is that they have a slower attack speed.

pretty cool idea, although we have elf ears as ingame wearables so having elves and humans with elf ears would be confusing

just delete elf ears, no one likes them anyway

also the idea fits in the magical barbarian theme thing.

Although im a tolkienist and i dont like orcs as equivalents to elves and humans

The running will be annoying

just buy it your self then

btw this idea is cool

id prefer orcs, draws, elves, etc. as aesthetic

Also squirrels and crabs.

And locust. We really need it.

finally an interesting class system


can u plus 1 the idea

but please do not remove elf's ears, I love them ._.

elf ears just look like the viking helmet but without the hat

your thinking of the devil ears

All of the classes need a balance change...ish  ;v. 

The dwarf is ultimately useless with only its fists with buffed damage, its slow movement, and stamina. This dwarf needs a rework on its "stats".

Elves shouldn't really be "fast" (Everyone thinks that elves are fast due to the fantasy crap we have today) I would rather enhance the atk speed, or improve its stamina. 

Orcs...seriously? You mean basically a "knock-down and ez kill" class? Remove the ability to hit knocked down enemies, remove the slow atk speed (This would be crap with wielding a hammer), give it a tad bit atk dmg, and don't give it more stamina or speed. I don't have any other idea how to even balance this ridiculous class. :_;

Though, I would rather want aesthetics of some of the classes here (e.g. Elf ears). Classes wouldn't make sense as it would affect gameplay by a landslide. Also, I would rather say "classes" instead of "races".

yes, having certain buffs will impact gameplay, for example if I like swift movement id go with elf, although i like dwarves a lot more, so my go is for aesthethics