Ban Request: PIZZAO

Sgt Pain 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 6 years ago 120

sigh... If you have played on the US server, you have probably encountered PIZZAO before. This guy lives just to argue and piss others off. He always harasses others, makes fun of people because of their skill, country, way that they speak, etc etc. Here is some screenshots of PIZZAO's usual bad attitude in-game and out of game:

Image 2526
Image 2527Image 2529Image 2530Image 2532Image 2533

(Sorry the text is small, he is ping spamming people in these screens, the one where he is speaking says "Doesn't look like your new trainer is punctual. If he's not better than me, what's the point?")

I could continue putting screenshots here, but I did not save and get a lot of screenshots of him because I just realized I should make this post 15 mins ago, so I only posted a few. If you meet him in-game, you will not need screenshots to confirm that he should be banned. Thanks for your time and adios.


well.... compared to targeters he nothing. yes he may be immature and like a 6 year old but my strat is just to be "friends" with him oh well i can only hope about banning vaG Dentata

Lol, i tried being friends with him, when i tried that he said that i depend on him and that i am a weak noob.

meh... i think he just has too much respect for power

like i beat him in a 1v1 once and he wanted to be friends  lol

You and me alike :)

but...but...canadians are nice....

I just bet he had a weird childhood .


Pizzao may be kinda aggressive but I personally have no problem with him.

Besides, I like Canadian bacon.

Yeah, pizza's pretty rude and thinks he's better than everyone, but I don't think it's enough to be deserving of a ban. It's one of those really difficult situations where you're thinking, "Oh man, this kid has such a bad attitude....", but he's not doing anything all that wrong. All I've seen is trash talk, and that's not going to be stopped.

"Anyone here CLOSE to my skill level yet?" (best repartee I could make): All Bilbo's, Rollo's Doris and Bomburs are on same level as you :)

And do you noticed what he said on discord screenshot?

"IM IN IB" This means he is in 1st class with B letter so he is in grade school...since ages XD

I said i was close...to close....


WOW...We (the EU) have the same guy :D 

his player name issss........Galactus the 5 year old.....


His ego is bigger than my future.Its sometimes annoying but not worth anyones nerves.Btw about this pizza guy,its not his fault,their parents are;they didnt punish him when needed,but I may be wrong.

dont forget about Fucking, another german kid with salty character


I think PIZZA0 disliked this topic

he does not even have an account

He does have an account. Unfortunately.

he just made one

He has to, because his name is changed from dori, kili fili, reor, geralt, etc,



Pizzao has a big ego, but I don't think he should be banned... he is pretty good at wilds.(to us noobs. Not you pro guys like Sgt Pain xD)Yeah, he's annoying, and you should definitely ban him from your discord servers, he doesn't need an in-game ban, just some showing-up.

He is not on any wilds discord severs anymore i think

beacuse he was banned from all wilds servers XD

sgt I just saw him a few seconds ago in US fort

Muehehehehehehehe >:D

This profile description. If you will ever kill Rezak in fair fight 1v1 without any bonus items, you'll become new wilds.io king. I was king only for less than minute since I hit once (accidentally!) Rezak so he fell right into sand worm. A minute later I was dead.


You're not the best in this game, * I assure you. * You're crap. You're a nob. Do not lie.

Of course you can, but you need to have 10 other very good players and you need to have yellow potion(SOMEONE TELL ME HOW IS IT NAMED?! I KEEP FORGETTING NAME OF THAT!!!!! *rage*), stamina potion, bomb and rope. Rezak must be unarmed and have 0.5 hp - the best recipe to become real wilds.io king ever xD

Well,it doesn't take that much to be able to have some chance against him.

....Rezak is chill af....one day we did some 1v1's i win , he wins , i win etc...and noobs were dissing us because we didnt want to do a 2v2


killing rezak does not make you the king of wilds

It doesn't mean anything.I mean it's just an ordinary fight like any other.It's not big of a deal.

so if i rope bomb him i become the king of wilds

No.Only personal skills.

No,nothing but your wits and your weapon.

THis was supposed to be a reply to the comment above, the one Ukryty posted, but i still havent mastered the replie button XD

You lucky dude.I never fighted him.

Jeez it's not my fault tho I was fighting with other player and Rezak just went straight into my kick!!! :(

Ok ok,easy.I'm just saying.

kicking rezak into a worm does not mean you beat him in a 1v1

I fought Rezak plenty in a 1v1. :l Good times, good times.

Too bad I didn't get that opportunity.

i was able to beat him but we both had items. Later he suicided to become a shadow and to come after me

i havent cried likewise since i was a little kid....

You're so lucky to fight him.


You're not the best in this game, * I assure you. * You're crap. You're a nob. Do not lie.


You're not the best in this game, * I assure you. * You're crap. You're a nob. Do not lie.

Ok,that's enough.Don't blame poor dude,it's not his fault,but I'm sure,whatever is on his mind right now,sooner or later will overcome that,though it doesn't seem like that now.

i did i do not think people should be banned for taunting

btw anoymous is pizzao

Like I didn't know right from the start,Sherlock.

meh, some people on the forums have no brain, just like pizzao. i want to say thanks to pizzao for showing all these people why he should be banned from wilds.

Where's he playing at? Gonna hunt him on sight


*And then pizza ran far away to braains.io*

Where he ate moldy cheeto and died from infection.The end.


PIZZAO isn't that bad, other players deserve a ban that are far worse than pizzao. (Also I'm not sure but could have meant kys as in the game not real life)

I know and again,it's not his fault,mybe he's gone through something in real life.


Wow great job on so many likes for this topic Wilds community

Am I the only one on this topic who can beat PIZZAO?

Ask Rezak if he´s seen this topic :v

Cough. >_>

Plenty of people can.

Do you need a cough drop?

Boi I used to destroy him. Then I stopped trying and we became bros anyway.

I mean... Can you not block him..?

I don't think so...

Dog is talking with cat OMFG

guys. i just fought pizza in browars. me and pls peace against him and his friend. guess who won?

Me and PLS PEACE did :)

True bro very true. Still PIZZAO is my bro

also, he came onto my server and said "anyone close to my skill level yet?" "i thought not." Unsummon said "hehe." Pizzao "ok nvmd" *leaves* LOL XD

Wow,good one.He got triggered,for how long will he stay like this.

Note to dev: his name is PIZZA0 with a zero

Wait..is it really?

He called Rez a pig?

sorry for bump btw but i felt this needed to be shown to you all

oh my god I hate that person

That is easily grounds for a ban

The fact that he is "cocky", idiotic, ignorant, and dumbfounded, makes the community worse lol. 

We are all hypocrites in a similar way though ;-;

suck Pizzao's long dick, everywhere you put your stinky nose in, bitch.

I am sorry Pizzao but you crossed the line. What if Rezoner refuses to update the game because of this?

PIZZAO, I have beat u plenty of times and u know it is true. Also I have all IB, AP, and Honors and in Pre-Track so...Just IB is kind of sad JK it still hard. U have MUN? (this is PLS PEACE bro)

Peace you're never on with me anymore :(

LOL loser shut it, you're garbage at the game and you're dumb, you told me you had a 4.64/4 GPA and expected me to accept it, the fudge lol? Shut it 9-year old brat.

why is this still a thing?



He got banned...

At least here. Discord is beyond my jurisdiction.

for how long?

all cuz my accidental bumps.


Is he banned from the forum or the game?

The forum I guess...?

you can ban someone from the game?

Not the game, the forum for Pizzao.

But yes, I believe it's possible.

but he can still remove his account

we did NOT need this.