New mode Idea: Protection of the Stone

Massive Slayers 7 years ago updated by Mistodel 7 years ago 7

The mode would have 5 medium sized Bases, with a type of stone in the middle with 10 of life (it would be the core and heart of the base, after broken the team would be disqualified.) Bases would have two people's teams defending the stone, the The object of the game is to protect the stone from its base and be the last living base. In the middle of the map there will be that cabin that is in Fort mode, with some good items. 

The Mode Name could be: Protection of the Stone

Pleasure, Massive Slayers.


such a try hard idea

stop it

it'll be too much work for rezoner to pull off


well i dont know, the idea is not bad, but it has to have a good reasoning in order to be implemented. Still +1


Well it's basically ctf mode, but players must attack/defend stone with hp Instead of stole enemy flag and defend our flag.


Seems legit,so it's something like protect the idol thing kinda game.+1


I like it +1