Berserker potion

Maldar 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 14

When you use this potion your fist attacks will deal more damage.
Sorry for short description.


orange position

And when you use it you lose your weapon - perfect!...nope.

Woudnt this be too op?

were you in a hurry or why did you give so few details?

what do you mean by first attacks? something like: next 5 attacks deal 2X damage or did you mean that for a short period of time your attacks are stronger, or the first hit on a opponent deals higher damage? for how long?

im confused

Emmm...I wrote "fist".

I was waiting for this entire time.

ok sorry misread

Do you like dragon ball super? jeje goku super saiyan berseaker jaja.

I used to watch it but now it doesn't seem so lit in my opinion,same for Naruto 2nd season,though Gara's fight against his father was good,but still I stopped watching those.

wait what's super saiyan? Pizzao refuses to tell me...even when i beat his ass... :(

nah haste pot is kinda useless the only use for haste is trading it in for hp pots

And for runners like me :)