Modification Idea (And Spear Throw)

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This modification idea is basically slightly changing something into like "2 modes", so you can have your favored mechanic/stats. For example, the bow. If you go to the shop and click a button above or on a different page of the bow, you can activate a "different" bow. Mode 1 could be what the bow is right now, but mode 2 could be what the bow was long ago (except no cursor following), so 2 damage and slow charge. They could be slightly distinguished by a colored piece of cloth (or something) on the bow, so red/blue cloth for a particular mode.

Right now there isn't that much things to do with the modification, but it'll help for people who use the weapon and favor the "old" or different weapons.


Spear Throw: I used to like how the spear was thrown, because of its 3 damage and use for quite a bit of combos that I know. Right now, I understand the logic, but I don't really like the throw, for its 2 damage and just "throwing" without a backup approach (well not that much as before). As I said earlier about the modification, there could be an older worse stat spear (with the old charge and throw), and another for the new one, that could be distinguished a bit.

I know it sucks, but I just wanted to post this because of what happened to the spear...

Thanks for reading if you did read, and have a nice day. :l


Edit: I also added a color-customization thing on the weapons as well. The cloth thing. So it'll be nice to have some different customization with different weapons.

Though spear is none of my interests,having bow like before would be especially great,not shitty,weak one like now.Collossal thumbs up.

having axe like it was in alpha ;)

ah.... the good times

*flashbacks*Good old times.

yeah that would be cool since we get lots of *new* weapons and playstyles