Secondary weapons

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 10

As in the games of shooter could have secondary arms. Let's say primary weapon I have the sword, then the shot i canvio to secondary weapon a weapon that does a little more damage than the hands i can not throw. 

As in other games could have this weapons.

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Image 2535

There could be secondary weapons that fire at a distance and others at close range.

The price of them would be: if it is to distance about 1000, 2000 of money in wilds.io. If it is short-range already as American knives cuffs ... 500 to 1000 coins in wilds.io.

I simply wanted to say this idea since I would personally like to have these classes of weapons. To change from the primary weapon to the secondary weapon: press the R as it is very close to the movement buttons.

I just want to give this idea so that in the future there could be these secondary weapons. But I just want this idea to be stored in a drawer and then I put it in wilds.io.

Thank you for your attention if you want this idea vote it positively. Bye.

I dont think that new weapons will be added in the games for now because the armory revision has been done - but we need a secondary weapons +1

So we are gonna have two weapons + shield? We have TWO arms :D

I mean,shield is strapped on your hand,but still not as bad.Mybe if your shield breaks or you lose it(if this will be added)secondary weapon could be swtched.

let's not say you have a gun in your hand and the other one hanging if you only have one weapon in your hand but not two. I say 2 guns i shield? not for example lag claws are 2 guns but you have the shield.

i meant a hachet or a little bow would be NOICE but will only deal 1 damage

hachet will cut wood

or we could have a throwing knife that spawns in every 10 seconds

R button does SPECIAL This would not be a good addition because it would make the game even MORE complex. I mean, the controls were a little confuddling to me when I was noob, and that was back when there was no disarming or weapon throwing. You want to add MORE content now? What about lag? People on this forum are alWaYs complaining bout lag.... What would everyone shooting little arrows from their shield hands do to the lag?

Besides, new players and non-logged in players would be dominated if you could buy one of these and they can't.


Whoa easy there,big guy.Don't get ahead of yourself too much,it won't turn out so good as you may think at first.

brass knuckles as secondaries? if your weapon is knocked out of your hands or thrown, it acts like punches with 0.25 extra damage