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"Fixing" Running: Slower Running Speed Relative to Health

Bigness 6 years ago updated by Sheepie 6 years ago 17

In a sudden moment of bathtub Eureka, I forged an idea that aims at solving the two golden plagues:  running and ranged weapons.  Everyone has fallen ill to uncatchable "running" play styles, usually reserved to those that will evade enemies while their health is depleted and aimed at regaining said health.  To counter this, I propose a new notion:

While at a lower health, players will be at a speed disadvantage.  This condition can take effect:

  1.   Commensurate or proportional to the player's health.  For every red health dot or point they lack, they will move 5-10% slower when sprinting, sprint jumping, and/or walking and jumping.
  2.   When the player's health is under a certain threshold, say 2-3 health points, the above effect takes place for about a 25-35% reduced speed.
  3.   The above effect can take place when a player has a ranged weapon (they are heavier), for about a 10-20% reduced speed.

What is the justification of this effect?  Running players will not be able to outrun their pursuers when they are in need of health, and ranged players will not be as mobile as their melee competitors.  I will call the 2nd point the "injury" condition, which can also be inflicted in random, rare takings of damage.  The player should be notified in a pop up similar to the killstreak pop ups.  Another condition may include the "poison" condition from drinking random potions.

Further limits on injured players below the 2-3 health point threshold may include:

  1.   Weaker damage, perhaps dealing half the damage they would usually.
  2.   The inability to knock down pursuers (they are too weak to be able to).  A common tactic of runners is to kick or roll down pursuers and escape while the pursuers are rendered immobile.
  3.   Drinking health potions and receiving health dots requires time to take effect, say 2 seconds for the health boost.
  4.   Severely injured players (below 1 health point) may be unable to do certain functions, such as sprinting, using items, e.g.
  5.   Faster stamina loss, perhaps 25% more, as well as not being able to use the 2nd stamina bar.

I assume the main effect of reduced speed should be easy enough to implement.  All Rez has to do is set the speed equal to itself minus the effect, correct?  I would like Rez to know that what we say are not demands, but rather ideas that you can take into consideration.  Thanks.

Leave some comments about the numbers.  Did you think the conditions part was a bit much?  My intention was not to implement every single one of these effects, I even disagree with some of them.  Tell me which you agree with, or tweak them down below.  Please expand on this main idea in further posts.

you know zefferis and ukryty already posted this?

Seriously?  Can I see those posts?

just go to their profiles and youll see them

debuffing people with less hp seems unacceptable yet so needed. My approach to the problem was slower stamina regeneration for people with less hitpoints. +1

Personally, I don't think runners are a big problem, but that's just meselfy. This might be interesting to experiment with, but it would make combat against good opponents even more grueling, and you would have to say goodbye, come again, to your 123 bones if a bunch of annoying king hunting noobs attacks you and gets some lucky hits.

yeah i had 148 bones and a bow user followed me ALWAYS even after killing him after 17 times

I see your point.  I'll endorse my second route with the threshold situation.  I'd retract the part about taking time for health to regain, and it should be an even bigger incentive to keep your health topped up.


Holy fck! I haven't been here in a LOOOOOOOONG time!

Under review

Haha, I thought I am on wanderers.io forum - and I couldn't understand your way of thinking :D


Nope, people who are used to ranged combat are used to running from dangerous situations, and usually not ready for close encounters. Which leads to stupid shit like chasers constantly blocking/kicking and chasing you at the same time, while being faster too. This is absurd. It's good as it is now.
Point 3 seems fair though. 2nd one is extremely stupid, cause you have to use every opportunity to survive, and kicking enemy to slow him down is one of the best tactics.

That contradicts your first point...


just because you cant beat people does not mean that the game should be nerfed to make it so you always no skill bow win easily

People seemed to miss the point.  This was supposed to be a discussion, I didn't intend to implement all of this.  If you left a dislike, please say what you disagree with and what you agree with.

#5 would be interesting to experiment with... The main problem with all of this is it would affect non runners just have low health, making them very vulnerable.

If they don't run, why would speed matter?

It would be easier to react to different attacks if the person you're fighting is slowed...and they're at low health so already at a disadvantage. 

There's no easy solution to running, but I do like the idea of slower movement while using a ranged weapon.

I like it.  Its super annoying to catch people when they get to low health.