Reason(s) To Troll The Forum (Must Read)

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"The More You Understand , The More Sad You'll be"

Lets Start With This : What Do you guys think of me? a super happy person who wastes his life on making stupid posts or what? well i almost never laugh iam always sad (ik my comments/posts were showing something really different like LOL XD get rekt or hahahaha!) guess how many times i laugh per week? 10? 100? 1000? or....? almost 0! i dont even know how to laugh i just uh smile like :/ , :o or :] ( see i dont even know the true form of smiling).

Actually the main goal of making those comments was making you guys and myself a bit more happy and make this forum look alive , well i failed on this one another goal was seeing your reactions.

i got no interest to brag about myself or just act like iam awesome (never trying to be mean) but iam a way tooooooo mature and logical for my age (13) ye iam as i said iam not going to brag just saying the reasons of trolling you know iam always looking for reasons and always sad why? ever tried to think a bit about yourself or people around you? well ofc not you may say :" just live have fun and leave others alone" i think different well a country is made out of what? sheeps, aliens, fishes, robots or humans? ofc humans mostly human (except those mean and immature persons) if you only think about yourself you will never get any better 

humans are social creature

Have you noticed that some of the most intelligent and deep thinking individuals out there fail to be happy?ever asked yourself why? well iam here to tell you why!

1. Intelligent people overanalyze everything

2. Intelligent people have high standards

3. Intelligent people are too hard on themselves

4. Reality is not enough

5. Lack of deep communication and understanding

6. Many people with a high IQ suffer from psychological problems

More info in : https://www.learning-mind.com/fail-to-be-happy-intelligent/


Take a look at this too if possible : http://www.businessinsider.com/ways-to-annoy-logical-people-2013-7

iam not only having  those problems i got alot of other problems too here is not the best place to talk about them for some reasons dont worry its not about my family school or myself  and i can get annoyed by those ways (even tho i hardly ever get angry but thats still possible to make me rage a bit)

i always get the highest scores of my school lessons ( ye max scores) but i dont even care i study Atlast 1-1.5 hours a day sounds weird right?  unlike everyone i love math  and science i understand the deep meanings of almost everything (dont count this as bragging )my native/mother language isnt english but i can speak it very well i dont even goto english classes ; everyone love soccer but i dont its just a pointless thing to do running around a piece of plastic and so what? getting tons of money for just doing that? beside the exercising (which may lead to other problems too) its all about gambling , swearing and insulting others! 

(when i communicate with someone using discord they think that iam 25 or 30 ).

Let me ask you a question Is being too logical and not too emotional bad?  
the answer is yes It is bad if it is extreme, because then you have trouble connecting with other people and you end up feeling lonely.
i still have alot of things to say(ex: insulting another religion,fighting like kids and....
and another thing :when you overthink about something tooo logically you will end up feeling sad and lonely ex:why are others always happy like there is no problem MY answer is because they think if there is something to eat they wont starve if there is something to listen to (like a music) they will never get sad if there is something to make fun of about they will always laugh if there is something todo when you are bored (like playing a game) then why should you be sad? if another person is sad then why should you be? why should you even care? why should you even waste your life on them? 
and after hours of thinking you will say :"why should i live in a such place with these people?" 

what if a teacher say "why should i waste my worthy life on kids ? i should mind my own business" it will cause no harm in few years but how about the future? that country will die really bad !

those persons will never think about the nearest future WHAT if i spend all my money on buying chocolates or video games? true i will have fun for a bit but after few days? i will starve or just freeze to death

you may say "Crying is for weak people it solves nothing its logically true but how about emotionally thinking? is crying emotionally healthy?

true crying may clean your eyes or .... too but Shedding tears can be a huge and very healthy emotional release, particularly if you are experiencing deep pain, sadness, anger, or stress. One study analyzed 140 years of popular articles about crying and found that more than 9 in 10 found tears to be a good way to release pent-up feelings

think a bit what happens if everyone think like this?

Another section : I want to be a programmer/computer in the future you know computers are mostly made out of cold materials like Iron, Silicon, Plastic and... what do you think will happen to me xD (laughed a bit here) heheheehe!

ps : sorry if made writing or grammar mistakes i was in hurry ;)



now im a bit confused

didnt have the power to read through all your text, thats why

anyways, you've proven your unguiltyness (or something) towards me

i trust you fully from now on

ok now i spent 10 mins reading this and i fully (or almost) understand you

i used to be a genius kid like you are with same issues. I barely had friends, was a total crybaby, socially inactive but i was the smartes kid around. loved( and still love) science, math, physics and so on. then i decided i have to change my life and started investing more time in being social. my grades went down bit by bit, but the human interaction increased much faster. Now im a well above the average, very social dude. And im happy with it

Im sure you will figure out your life soon too

Why my life was same as yours.

Jeez,this is getting weird for me aswell.I was "genius" in first 5 grades,I was barely smiling and silent with almost no friends,then I started to be more bad in 6th grade and so on while having my grades a bit worse,but still decent.Unlike before when being also bad in PE,I suck at math,science ect,but good with languages,arts and PE.Im still pretty serious,rarely smile(but when I do,mona liza smile)being more dark,bad,rebbelious and so on.I'm starting to feel less like a loner which I'm inconsiderate of,since I work better alone than in team with better results.


So i’m dark person...

Yea!Dark is not necesarily bad,it may make you better person and more mature than usual,also discovering new stuff and passions alongside with your better half is big advantage.So congrats,man!I'm glad i'm not only one!

Well actually i’m very specific person and often my logic is hard to understand for others. If you are on discord or forums you can notice it. Where others don’t say anything i’m gonna write essay. But i like it :)

Yea,I noticed it ages ago and you should be happy with that.

I got no friends, I was best in first 5 grades, I was winning many competitions and events. After 6th grade I have some friends and I got worse and worse marks.

You're not rebbelious enough,man.You live primarily for yourself,while others are secondary.

I'ma bump dis cuz you have stats


great productive post really great ideas on how to help the game 10/10

stop being sooo mean

What?!That was no sarcasm?!Forgot to recognize it?Welp,some kids don't.

I hate to break it to you, but if you were so intelligent you wouldn't have made grammar/writing mistakes even if you were in a hurry.

Why would you even troll forums.I'm concerned about you.

meh wasnt even caring

Intelligent people use correct punctuation and grammar. 

I think iam making a point (see what I did there with the iam?)

Yea,yea whatever,nvmd.

Also, intelligent people use correct capitalization which "BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP" is not.

you know you talk so much

Why you underestimate turks?;

srsly turk? iam not a turk you racist

Hey,he said that,not me,jeez!

Most of us on this forum don't have the same high opinion of you as you do. Probably because of all the trolling, which definitely makes you seem to be around 10 - 13 y/o. Just please calm down with the troll posts. Lightening up the forums is fine, but we want to actually be getting things done. Constantly posting trolling stuff doesn't help that and doesn't make you seem mature.

this aint a troll post and i had a reason to make em

Just like I'v been thinking, wasn't your trolls just a "test" for us and Rez?

It is test for our nerves and sanity as I realized.

I was actually starting to believe that you are depressed until you said you were 13.go kick a ball


Short but sweet response paraphrasing 5 paragraphs sheepy.   I understand you.      If this is 100% true and not a troll (and lets be frank I don't think a troll would spend this much time on a post) than I sympathize with thou.   Also +1 for teasing religion, hard to believe we are still at that level.      But the hard truth of the matter is that people who are not mindless sheep (and no not saying it because you are a sheep) tend to be unhappy in the world seeing that it offers no real happiness or no real meaning.

Love is a popular form of manipulation, art is over abundant, working only gets you money, which in turn doesn't supply happiness as material things can only bring so much happiness, and religion is another manipulation that never helps a problem in the end.  POINT IS . . . 


And the stupid are rewarded

But I will say this sheepie, it takes guts to say this stuff, and you have my respect, and you know, I think you'd be great knowing that you aren't limited to one world, maybe try Roleplaying?   it's something a lot of people do who are in your shoes, because in a world so fucking cold and ruthless, sometimes you just need an escape that doesn't involve physically and mentally destructive means. 

What one comment can make... You know sheepie about what i’m talking. I hope this is not another joke, and i hope you get what i mean and you choose good road.

Yea,everyone does.Everyone has another chance,*cough*unlike me*cough**clearing throat*

This don’t mean i’m not gonna keep eye for things.


Stupid people lack imagination. Sheepie, you're my hero.

People lack of imagination cuz' of school.

You might be right about that, if you lived in America. Then again, the school is suppose to make you smarter and more eligible for higher end careers. 

School makes you more academicaly intelligent which is not crucial at all or barely which often offers you one path while diminishing creative inteligence which is on other hand,further more important and essential for thinking outside the box and making new things,aswell being better in your own way.Ppl today want youth to belive in first thing I mentioned making them like machines with no creativity,and that's just sad reality as it is now.When someone would teach youth different way than typical school,that person would end up fired or mistreated.

actually stupid people have a lot of imagination, too much in fact.   They have something called ambition.  Which in large quantities can be quite toxic. 

Following your own path will make you more succesful than anything else.

"Noone has changed anything in the world by doing what world has told him to do."

~Eddie Zhong

psssst i think you should meet with SEVA KOTLEKI S PURESCHOY I bet youll love him

her? him? who cares hes coming back

Zombies are always back XD

I don't understand the meaning of this post sorry

"*I'm",not iam, that annoyed me so much.


I'm always rebbelious,serious and bad,as my bio proofed it at least quadrilion times.