Galactus is using a bot to insult people and self promote himself and can you ban him ?

Fifi the Seals Overseer 3 months ago • updated by Seal 3 months ago 15

Galactus is using a bot to insult people and self promote himself , seriously , he used a bot with a bow , which is too annoying to exist . can you please ban him ?


We all know that the internet is a harsh place...

Yea,his ego is bigger than his skills.I beated him couple of times recently and when being killed by him once,he called me noob and telling that he's the king,the strongest.Ya' know all,typical Nazi totalitar regimen of his.Well can't help it.It's lost cause.


I called an exorcist, but he said it's too late for Galactus ;-;

This community is filled with people that "want" to be the "best".

Could anyone record this? If you have geforce, you can use shadowplay to record games and browser too. I'd like to see Galactus doing that (or the bot). I've killed this guy many times, he was coming back and dying again, calling me noob and being extremely rude and toxic. His guild is acting weird too when I mentioned him, they got aggresive, saying he's good and all nice.

All of that is just attempt to ressurect Nazi regimen and anti-semmitism.

i dont know whats wrong with germans in wilds.io. theyre all toxic as hell (as far ive communicated with only 3 of them : Galactus, Fucking and a guy whose name i dont remember) I mean... Gott verdammt was ist los mit euch Jungs?

Ich weiß nicht,aber das ist sehr schlecht and verückt,und also furchtbar.

Yea that's my german.

I agree,they are all totalitaristic.

Three words:"Arbeit macht frei"

Do you even know where this words is written? .-.

In Auschwitz concentration camp,at the main entrance,duh.


You are on of the most toxic and annoying people I know, bitch

Oh wow,just wow.I still don't care,ya' know.Why you triggered now?

whats the name of the guild 

its our next target ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)

What guild?!