In-Game Armory? A new way to switch weapons?

M3rchant/DragonThrasher 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 4

I'm super tired right now so i'll make this post quick and fast.

Whenever my team captures a fort and I have a hammer (because I broke down the gate) and I usually have a lot of bones, I wanna switch my weapon (because I don't really like the hammer) but I don't wan't to die and give my bones to someone else. What do I do? 

This problem can be easily solved if there was some sort of weapons rack available to the team that has the fort. You can quickly take what weapon you need and get right into the battle without having to sacrifice your bones.

 This could also help if you accidentally choose the wrong weapon and you want to go back. It would be a lot easier and faster if there was a convenient way to change your weapon in-game and not waste all that time killing yourself and going to the main screen, open up the armory and getting your weapon.

Welp i'm sleepy now so that is gunna wrap up my post! 



It is necessary, but its already confirmed:

Exactly this i wanted put in comment. You was faster :3

Oh sorry didn't notice. xD

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