Under review

Rezoner ....

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Rezoner ! Are you still Alive ? Tell me taht you're still ACTIVE !!! 


I'm pretty sure he's active as always,but he also needs rest from everything.

We want to know on what you working on


It looks like he's working on another game: https://twitter.com/rezoner

I dont think, he said: my main focus now is Wilds.io.

My fault - he is avoiding comments and replying anything because I beat him in comments. Check out in my topics.

We know already,but is that real reason why he doesn't appear that often anymore.

If I will don't appear in longer than 3 days, there will be millions of topics where is Ukryty...

Why do you even ask, Rez does not need to be around a lot. He comes up when he can. Even if he is just chilling and doing f*ck all (which I don't think he is).. I still think that he doesn't have to spend his entire life on user echo answering questions.

Rez is busy with work!

Also when you become an adult, time is kind of precious sometimes and people don't have time to spend an entire day on the forum. This forum doesn't even produce that many good ideas anyway and that is why Rez comes on every now and then and just looks for whatever will catch his attention probably.

I think that wilds.io is approaching it's final stage(s) of content.

Who cares, maybe you are right, but you can be wrong too. Future will show it to us in... future.

Don't worry. We have in pocket tons of ideas for wilds. We just working with new game. 


This game's just about to reach it's best part which won't be lasting short for sure.

Well,not quite,but I saw Rezoner's video on yt,he's gonna maje some sort of underwater exploration/pvp gamr with some sort of weird guns with bubble cartridges.

oooh..? Can a have a bit of a sneaky peeky to tickle my pickle? c:

What an actual f*ck was that supposed to mean?Kghh,that sounds so wrong!

Just needed to get it off my chest, the line "tickle my pickle" has been stuck in my head all day :/

Well,try not to repeat it again.

go check rezoner's twitter

No need of that for me at least.

Oh,it will improve way more than you think.

Rez should hire a player like Egze to tell you what he is working on or other things like this, then this player will tell the other users in the forum about that.

Egze is not telling us many things about that...

But he says something, right?

Yes,one thing I'm sure he' d say:I need to fricking eat,drink and sleep,gosh! I think I nailed it.

Yes, it's true.

I think this will be his most known impression!

Probabily ;)

"I need to fricking eat,drink and sleep,gosh!" ~Seal 2017

This can apply to me aswell.

What i can say more... At this moment  wilds have small break but don't worry. Soon again wilds get more updates, and i can spoil, one update will be about new mode, and another probably about new weapon :) So just give to Rez some time and when he end current work, he will be back in wilds. Also probably me too.

I'm aware of that.Ty for alerting though.

Wow...too much time from the last idea that Rez make it under review or planned.

his last activity was 6 days ago, could be dead

*Taking your line* Oh my god Savage Doge, why did you bump this?

Nah, probabily it have been unexpected

He's not dead,just taking effort and focusing on other things.He's human like us,needs to eat,drink and sleep aswell.

Already said - RIP Rezoner1337 2016-2017

That doesn't make sense.So Rez is baby now acording to your comment.

Rezoner was 1 year old and he could make a better game than us!

Genius.Grown up in baby's body.

My mum told me to never place my brother(when he was 11 months) and sister(she has same age by now) on keyboard because everything can happen on computer then. So this game is example of what kidneys can do!

Wait,what?Did I hear correctly,"kidneys"?


Under review

Kind of. I am getting married in 2 days and have a lot of "real life" things going on because we are expecting a son :)

Then I can only say good luck in life together! Oh, but we will see less updates in wilds then... :/


Now family's on 1st place and priority of Rez in general,so nothing else to say but congrats and I wish you luck.Hope you achieve great things you always wanted.

Good luck Rezoner :)

hope you have a great life rez, good luck


Pheeeeeeeeew... I understand why you put "Under Review" under "are you alive."  An extremely casual way to drop all of that information...Congratulations of both of those milestones, the Wilds community takes back all of our complaints about you not being online.  This is the thing I love about community:  we get to watch those around us develop and grow.  Over a year or two, I've watched a lot of people mature, some people succeed, some people fail, laugh, cry, chat, play, and argue.  I've seen a game grow from its little desert map seed.  Now I've seen its developer start a family.  Thank you and congratulations.

P.S.:  Hope the kid turns out like me.  Heh.

Congratulations Rezonador. :)