I am AFK until 25.09 - getting married.

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Wedding music.



I am back - thanks for the wedding wishes everyone :)


Okey Rezoner Congratulations and have a great time at the wedding. And enjoy the free buffet hehehehehehehehe.


Not free:  all that food will cost him a pretty penny...


Not all food nor drinks,belive it or not.

You haven't been to a wedding haven't you?

Quite sure that all that arrangements do cost money even with the support of relatives.

Oh I've been on many weddings.I'm not sure how things work in other countries,but I'm pretty sure that,where I come from,not all food and drinks are paid.I dunno why you think I haven't been on a wedding just cuz' some stuff are different in other countries.

Ok Rez gl.


congratulations rezoner! :)


congratulations rezoner


Yea man,and bring them all on their knees,including the bride.

Yay congrats Rez 

congratz rez


Szczęścia :) 

Gratz rezoner!

congrats lord of all barbarians!

Game master,lead us on our new path.

>cheesy comment saying congrats or smth

Did you expect something else?

Congrats Rezoner!


Good luck. I wish you all the happy times.

Let's go.Let's all press 1 in the chat to pay respect and attention to Rez.

[Insert Wedding Quotes]

"Here's to the groom with bride so fair, And here's to the bride with groom so rare!"

You really think of everything.Now that was legitness.

Congratz, Rezoner. GL HF ;)


Nice job, Rezoner! Good luck on that <3 :D


rezoner getting maried that a good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how we say congrats on croatian?


Ah im a bit late but still... Congratulations!

whos the lucky woman (or man)?

I don't think he's gonna tell us yet.

Not even ever. Remember Seal, we are merely random people on the internet.

I know.You can't know who I can be or you.Dunno,you can be CIA agent,toke the nuke tester in PiongYang,and Ukryty oil seller on black market from Saudi Arabia.Everything's possible.

and you can be a mutant seal who has learnt to play computer games.

Being genetically enhanced seal,it's very possible.

i never imagined that rez was gay. in fact, that's kinda ridicules. but hey, you never know.

Why would you say ridiculous?People who are lesbian,gay,hetero,bisexual,they are all people like us with equal rights and freedom.

This stupid question...

I think it is Seva

No,don't say that,pls!!

Już po chłopie... :(


...you're the person who did the modeling for the ice map layouts?

Poziom trudności: losowy (z naciskiem na trudny) XDD

Congrats rezoner!

3 days till rez is back!

That's music for my ears.

2 days until rez os back


wilds aint working right now

been trying to load for 2 hours

1 day until Rez's comeback.

He is back - when I write this it's 10:00 AM 25.09.2017 CEST.

Welcome back Rezoner! It's good to see you again! (Written at 4:22 AM PDT in USA)


I am back - thanks for the wedding wishes everyone :)

Welcome back,man and congrats.Good to see you.This forum went almost crazy.

(and this is what said Seal,  who's average comments count for a day is 77.)

Yet whenever Ukryty and Seal begin arguing, it's almost always Ukryty who throws the first insult.

Hey, this is my job! What's wrong with it for you?

Hey what's going on here?