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How to make PvP great again

Evasive 7 years ago updated by THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 7 years ago 29

1. When a sword special hits another melee special, it shouldn't do anymore damage. What happens now: I claw special towards a sword special and once my animations finishes, I take sword damage. Kinda BS considering it's guaranteed damage (in favor of the sword) in this situation.

2. Have a small window between kicks and blocks so that ranged users can actually hit things. What happens now: I fire a ton of wand projectiles towards a player and 100% of the shots can get deflected or blocked. Most of the damage done by ranged users is from pin rolling. The window should only be long enough so that one hit goes through (not more).

3. Remove the ability to dash when you special. What happens now: I run, I special, I dash, I across the entire map. The range of the claw and sword special is more than the default screen's height (no zoom). It's incredibly hard to react to since there is no audio effect played.

4. Make stuns less punishing (no suggestions). What happens now: I get stunned, I get hit twice with regular and a roll dealing half my health. It would make arena games last longer, and make the game more skill based (than a rock-paper-scissors based combat). 

5. The spear needs love.

6. Once you get up, limit the turning (to maybe 90 degrees). What happens now: I go for the kick on a recovering opponent, and they do a 180 spin and block me. It would make opponents more likely to stand behind the player while pin rolling. This could make jumping and rolling away more favorable.

7. Make the hammer special knock people down every time. What happens now: I hit them (on the rare occasion), it does crappy damage, and they dont even fall down. The special is one of the hardest melee specials to hit, at least make it rewarding.  

8. Increase the speed of the wand's special projectile. It almost never hits, and the only chance you get to land it is when the opponent is on the ground (where they will most likely kick/block).

That's about it... If you downvote say why (please). 


I say no to 1, 4, and 3, but that's just my opinion

Also "I across the entire map?"

gotta keep that pattern going


Most of this changes can destroy basic fighting mechanic, what was builded long time. for me points 5, 7,8 is good, but other...

Under review

I find it kind of worthy trying to break special with a special. Like clash (that should be repaired ;))


I like how current special works. You can counter everyone special when it ends, even sword, and knowledge how using it as advantage gives to gameplay more skill requirements  if you want be top player. 

Players who playing pvp often, not have problems with countering sword or claws special, even with axe.

(Sure, that should be repaired :P)

Thats right. You can easily avoid the special if you know how to do it.

(it sure needs) mmm i dont know if cancel special with special its a good idea.. but sounds good...

i think its good idea.


all good.

Also, in favor of wand and bow, Kick deflect shouldn't be 360 degrees. 180 or even 270 is fine, but 360 degree kick reflect is garbage.

And claw special needs to be tuned down just a tiny bit, it's still ultimate cheese, y'know?

ESPECIALLY the dash one. It's garbage how sword users can dash when they special and get so much area coverage...

just sheild for gods sake

No, its because you can hardly kick in the direction you want when you are rolled. They get some space and shoot and you kick without thinking ofcourse. But, if change that a bit, we could kick the arrow where we kicked it at. ONLY IN 270 °.


I really want the "attacks lasting longer than they should" bug fixed ;)

Nerf to sword: every time the sword (when it spins during the sword special) connects to you, it does a little more damage than the claws' normal attack but less than a arrow.

Yeah, I main in sword and even I agree the special is op. It lasts way too long, so maybe one less 360 degree turn? Also, the knockback is insane and needs a nerf as soon as possible.


I'm a lazy noob, who will be hard at getting used to the new mechanics of combat, and so I like everything as it is.

lmao number one player

I sorry you again for killing you, it was a mistake!! I hit you when fighting with other player few days ago, you remember? You fell into sandworm then!! SORRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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Donald Rezoner - Make Wilds Great Again!

You have the snall window trust me. Both of those things have a delay but kick has a bigger one. Thats the window.

There is definitely no small window. You are more likely to hit someone right after a shield or right after a kick, but a good player can stop every single shot.

Did you know that the twice the sword and a roll isnt that much used in higher ranked games? People dont usually attack with regular attack. 


I will don't kiss spear, because of two reasons:

1. This is weird

2. It's impossible to do in game without HAX.

Odd post title from someone that lives in Canada.  Spear can have a special throwing condition.

1 ok

2 no, ranged weapons would be too op

3 nah, because you can still counter/block dashed attacks(everyone can dash anyway)

4 the whole point is not to get stunned ._.

5 i completely agree

6 this no turn would make pin rolling too easy

7 I think the hammer special is ok, but it does suck when it does crappy damage and knock back

8 makes sense