New Game Mode- Open world adventure

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I have a great idea that will take long to do but be cool. Make a new game mode called world, the map is huge with there being whole parts that may just be forests or desert, you get a free hut in the world map when you enter for the first time, you can walk to other peoples huts, make a village with friends, or even rob enemies huts for gold and items, you can place your hut any place where there is not an object already there, horses will appear commonly so you can travel faster. you spawn at your hut when you enter, and respawn at the nearest checkpoint. many forts are around the map for people to capture. some big features would be a mountain, lakes with boats, forests, castles, and dungeons. i feel this would be a good mode because it would be so vast that it would feel more like the wild.

Please make this happen Rezoner, 

Sincerely your biggest fan, Guy Stricherz


That is almost exactly like the Skyrim franchise. Sorry but this will take years.

Are you frickin' kidding me.

i like it but do u understand how hard this would be to implement? also what i eat rules said, its just like skyrim

I dont expect that everything i put in there could be in there, but i do think a mode with a larger map to allow you to free roam would be a good idea

i think that is doable

This is literally a whole new game . I don't even know if this is possible to implement in wilds


it would be easy


rezoner could reuse most of the sprites already in the game.

If it would be easy for you, you should try doing it. Awaiting your results!


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After I read Rezoner comment in my topic that I'm doing trash comments here and feeling here like in chat, I'm trying to reso... res.. I need vocabulary book. So I want to try to make less jokes and be more serious. Let's see what wrong I wrote in my previous comment here - Savage Sandwich (SANDWICH!!!!! Not Sammich, Sandwich! S-A-N-D-W-I-C-H!!!!) said this would be easy for Rez. You have to notice that Rez is the only person who is working on this game about a year and we all see results of this hard work. I can say - this idea is really nice, but you have to think if it is possible to do for Rez and enough simple. Making map for this gamemode would be larger than other maps in this game, and he will have to do other sprites to this map, what is additional work for him. So this can take for him many months. Also, look at other people comments. They noticed too it's really hard work for Rezoner. If you really think it is easy to make, then just do it and show us if it is easy for you. Who cares, maybe you will be employed to Rezoner team?


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0-60 real quick XD.  You just went Ferrari there, man.  Seriously, sometimes things look good in our heads but are pretty hard to do.  Rezoner might be able to stick some desert squares together but he can't make dungeons, castles, water, boats, and NPC interaction at the snap of a finger.  There is absolutely zilch wrong with your idea, but Rezoner simply can't divert from his combat game.

I know that but it'd take a lot of times to implement all this since Rez's low on time.


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what do you mean

I mean,reusing and rearanging all different sprites,structures and tectures that are already in a game is already half work done.This would take some time,but still possible with ease,so +1.


there  should be green trees and not just old leafless ones

Your idea is utterly cool. I really wish I could explore a wilds map like i did a year ago on the desert then on the ruins map. Sadly its very hard to implement. I just hope Rezoner puts this idea on a future to-do list

No, I don't want dragons, please

why not? id like them if they had a unique mechanic (different from starve.io or something like that)

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As for the post, this is a lot of hard work for rez, and it would probably make the game super laggy and hard to run. It would be awesome if there was some kind of huge exploration map, but it's probably impossible


can i have your vote 


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you can start off with a smaller map.

For wilds.io to grow into a larger and more popular game, something like this needs to be implemented. Of course, not immediately, but developed throughout the years.


Someday,wilds.io will be played by supreme mlg players.


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yeah come to think of it I feel like an asshole to ask this big a favor of Rez 

Meh don't be so harsh on you but don't get overwhelmed by ideas either.


Thank you for the support


so this update is more of an longterm thing rezoner could benefit greatly from it too. 

just like some of the players said above "you could rearrange certain structures" or something like that but however this would give birth to a whole new host of bugs which could take rezoner like half a year to fix and not focus on more important things.

but if somehow rezoner managed to pull this off im donating 5 dollars this update sounds like a dream

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