Your comments

the bow was op, but I am assuming you are a fort player since the bow was only op in arena.

bad idea will probally be very laggy

maybe put in a neutral flag or you have to get a vpn
here is an free vpn iff you really want to change country

that's why rezoner gave up on no updates coming anymore I think

make it impossible to bump a post thats more than a month old iff thats possible
also remove the search function

I do like the airdrop mechanic it make healing less eas

I think he means no time limit one button click is shield up and when you pres again it goes down.

notice the word also and 'do not start trying to belittle me because I used the wrong kind of word for a rank'
read the whole thing next time not just 1 sentence

Before matchmaking you were sword rank, never higher and now you are the best player according to the arena ranking do not tell me matchmaking didn't do that and do not tell me you were just playing with 'friends'. almost every fight I see you in is you with a lower RANK player against 2 other lower RANK players.
The excuse of just playing with friends is bullshit, I knew this bug existed for a long time, but it did not bother me because almost noone was using it. So you are saying that out of nowhere everybody just wants to play with friends.
Thats why people keep asking me to join there matchmaking 'because they want to be friends'.
Please stop talking bullshit.

Also do not start trying to belittle me because I used the wrong kind of word for a rank, because you're grammar and vocubalary is also far from perfect.