Newbies and The Danger They Pose to Us (Not rly)

Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 41

Well, the forum has had a lot of newbies lately.

And... They bump a lot.


It's just kinda annoying... And newbies are great, more people on the forum, but they gotta know the rules. Any other way? 

make it impossible to bump a post thats more than a month old iff thats possible
also remove the search function

All we actually have to do is probably just help them out a bit...

= = This bumping time rule is in your hands now. Also, a bump is only worthy if it's still "relevant".

...My hands?

Oh shoot, that's not a good idea.

you mean...shBEEEEEEEEEEEP?

Honorable attempt at a good title, but 'the' should NOT be capitalized, unless it is the first word.


You just made me spit out my coffee. Also, have you ever tried Ritz crackers with coffee? It's pretty good.

Me, grammar dude got grammered.. (lol that's not a word)

No thank you, my coffee is best undisturbed, or maybe a little honey. 

Man what the hell does this even relate to lmao.

They're not problem just here.Even in game,their dumb asses seem to be more ressistant,and I'm  ot talking about bots or any AI.Noob uprising,the brink of noob evolution.

wtf award for most hypocritical post on wilds. +1

lmao right now, Oh by the way...BUMP! Sry Seal...

what do you mean by ,,ded"


He is dead.That little tumour is surgically removed from forum ensuring it's better state.

Tbh this forum seems..."bland" without them...

I actually miss them..


AHAHAAHA.You miss those little scums?😂.They were pain in the ass to forum as chewing gum on shoe.🤣

much better than what we have now, this game is dead


Very funny,but their absense here made forum way  more calm and less wasteful.

Not yet, this game won't be fully "dead" yet.

That's what I meant.

Yeah... I guess they entertained

And it's not ded mom, no no no

No no no,they burried this place and made it worse.Don't yall see?

Yeah, but so did Mom and everyone likes him

I think

Unlike them,who were little kids.


Wrong. Game have more players than 2-3 month ago. Less posts on forum or discord doesn’t mean game is dead. Most of them just don’t visit this places.

Wait Seal died in real life? As in dead dead? And he didn't tell me?

How could he tell ya that,dumbass?!?!

fking hell, u alive

Shiru,Kurai ite, I would advise you to calm your toxicity. 

Oh I'm calm man.Dead as chopped trunk.And this place and wilds is not dead at all.In fact,itgot better.And all those dislikes for my opinion and critical thinking aswell as logic which says that this place is more collected than before since Seal and Ukryty gone,and that's basically true since this place got cleaner and calm.Just chill dude.

Do they even play wilds.io anymore?...

Those  kids?Eh..I've seen them couple of times..little slugs..Ukryty*b@Rf is not as active and little%-#%" Seal got clubbed.


They got banned for creating drama and spamming comments that weren't related to the game - which is kinda what you guys are doing on this post. Could we move the conversation away from seal and urkrty and back to wilds.io?

You're right.Why did I waste time on those little scrubs since there's no point talking about half dead ppl.Thank you for awaring me of that mistake they did.+1

They did? Newbies got banned?

They was a good skilled players 

Pft..they were fucking noobs.