plsss do or die irl

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Can you add a flag change method? because I am ashamed of my own flag and i want it and other players can also love this yeah XD

But flag is showing from where you are, and if you are ashamed of your country's flag, then you are walking trash can.


yes im turkish im a walking trash can yay


These days my facepalms are loud and hurtful.

Ahhhh...that's why you're ashamed of your flag. Yeah, this community's been pretty unforgiving of Turks, mostly because of bad experiences with Turks in-game. You'll have to just build past that stereotype. Strike up friendships in fort, participate in the chat, and be positive about yourself and other players, and you'll do fine. What's your name in-game?


my ingame name is idk and i made a tribe called monsters and after 1 day later brai made  the monsters killers ye im lucky 

my English is bad and u wasted ur time reading this

Warning! New Time Waster came to game! It's... uhm idk X!

Come back later when you learn it OK? XD


Why be ashamed of showing who you are? Is it because of the people who are in your same nationality/race are making your country into shame? No one would really care in actuality, just don't be ashamed on what you are. Heck, I'm the only one in this damn game with a "unique flag" that no one has lmao. (You know what I'm talking about if you've seen me ;v)

Can you say what is your flag? I never played with you, so Idk what's your flag.

The only 2 flags I will ever use is the US flag (Obviously) and the CNMI flag (boi has no one been here lmao) that no one ever has .-.

I live in the US, but due to a router's vpn, I can switch from both flags ;p (I've been in the CNMI lmao)

Heres the flag ;v

P.S: The CNMI is a territory of the US ;p


Dont worry; Brazilians are always worse ;).

Oh, we have a kid here.

Türklüğünden utanma, utandırtma. Utandıranı düzelt ya da Türklüğünden sayma. Çünkü utandıran başına gelebilecek en belalı şeydir. Sana inanamıyorum! Bir daha bizi onlara rezil etme kardeşim.

._. huh, this thread is dead

hyr ve ben kıbrıslı türküm

Ama SEN TÜRKSÜN, gurur duymalısın kendinle. İncitme, yazıktır atanı.

hyr ı spamlamaya devam edebilirim

kendimi savunmakta iyiyim ama savunmaya girmiyorum ve onlara katılıyorum

Pekala. Umrumda değil.

umrumda değil yazacak kadar umrunda.

Umrumda değil yazacak kadar umrumda. Evet orası doğrudur lakin senin kararın umrumda değil ve ben bunu belirttim. Belirtmenin umrumda olmasıyla bir alakası bulunmamaktadır. 

şimdi bukadar uzun birşey yazarak umrunda gibi gösterdim ama ok.

Şimdilik, bunu yapmak için yalnızca proxy'yi kullanabilirsiniz. Bulunduğunuz yere göre bayrağı değiştirebilecek seçeneğe sahip olmak güzel olurdu

Evet, o adamları sik

Hayır, lanet olası bir şey yok. O pislik Contası ve onun boktanı Ukryty gibi olacak.

Lol Türkleri burada daha fazla popülerliğe ihtiyaç duyuyor. Bunu kebap sevgisiyle ilk defa destekliyorum.

how to call an anti-patriot?

uhhh translaters are false



Most Turks can't understand so i was trying to comunicate with oogla boogla.

Bruh, translate is too weird.

I was screwing around.Nothing personal.

maybe put in a neutral flag or you have to get a vpn
here is an free vpn iff you really want to change country https://hide.me/en/?friend=guide