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The Ozan 6 years ago updated by Etheric Form 6 years ago 8

Guys, I enjoy playing Wilds.io and I am Medium-Pro. Why not Full-Pro? Because of shields. When I want to defend myself from the enemys' crazy strike, it doesn't work too much. After my shield lowers down, I try to attack but it doesn't work... So then I die.

But if Developers make shields toggle, I will be very very very happy. Yes, I need some good reflexes but not at all! I am doing 941294886715258254 reflexes to play game good every time! At least, let it be toggle.

after your shield ends there is an short delay where you can't use shield again this is done on purpose so that shield is not overused, so in that time period you are really easy to hit. What I do to block this is superjump away.

DON't make 2 topics about the same thing and do not bump another post about an old shield glitch.
also do not call yourself an medium pro it sounds really cocky.

Ikr I also don't like saying myself pro. But don't want to seem noob too. Btw how do we delete or change?

You can't delete posts. As far as I know you can't edit them either.

Uh... Doofus, it's right below share, I think, on the right side. It says 'Edit' or "delete"

Those options go away once someone comments on the topic. So now no editing/deleting can happen.

What do you mean by "toggle"? In my opinion the current shield mechanics are fine


I think he means no time limit one button click is shield up and when you pres again it goes down.


This talk will only alter the very foundations of Wilds.io and give us a game that will be radically different. We still want veterans to continue playing and if you removed that core combat experience, you risk losing that player. Besides, there is a reason why Rezoner programmed that to be like that and that is to allow players to retaliate. With no targeting window time, there is no combat experience. That is why we should let the vanilla controls stay and not be altered in anyway. A game is like a leaf and if you try to alter it's stem, you will only damage it.