New Weapon Idea (Fixed) + Weapon Drawing

The_Ozan1 6 years ago updated by John Constantine 6 years ago 14

I was thinking of a weapon idea: Dual Swords. Not daggers because they are shorter so it is harder to attack. Dual swords will have;

%40 more damage than a single sword 

%20 more  expensive than single sword. 

%5 lower attack speed than single sword. 

%10 more stamina usage than single sword. 

You can't use shield while you use it. You can also block the attack with those swords. 

Special Attack: Dash Spin with Jump. (3 Seconds) Uses %80 of the stamina

F to draw your weapon and put it on your back, or your right/left. You choose it free. 

If it's good, please like it. If it's not, tell me the wrongs and dislike it. 


Interesting... still looks a little too OP, but interesting.

That's why I increased stamina usage and decreased the attack speed :) 

about the special attack: what would be the damage?


It will be also dodgeable because it jumps. So maybe it can be %75 of the target health. 

Uhh, any problem? 


pls delete this topic :'(

Why? You should give me a senseful reason to delete. This is my dream and no one said of this. Won't let.

Okay, %50 of the target health. 

Tried to be realistic.

where's the weapon drawing

Take a look at my last comment :)

Fixed... Weapon drawing key will be "T"

Because you throw with "F" 

Special Attack damages %50 of the enemies' health. It's dodgeable, it jumps and you can go under that's why I made damage %50 of enemy.