Is there ever going to be any new updates for wilds.io?

savage doge 6 years ago updated by PIZZA 6 years ago 17

I find it strange with no updates. Will there ever be any updates?

(And yeah I've not posted since 6 months) 


I just want that delete account button so I can free my soul

.-. In time it will come.

P.S: Changing your name, pfp, and bio won't hide your identity now ;v

bilbo you need to try harder to quit lol

Yep. Just gotta wait...

Rezoner is an idiot and doesn't care about Wilds, his clearly superior game. All he cares about is his loser game, Wanderers.io. So, probably not.

Good God,you are thinking this through.Without him,this game couldn't exist and all of us wouldn't be here.He has actual life beyond here like most of us here.You ever thought of that maybe?

lmao almost half us don't even support his career nor his games. Just think about what 1 game will get you as a game dev, instead of branching out.

Yea,especialy PIZZA.There are few ppl left here actually supporting game.

I don't care about his games or life; how do you think other game devs make themselves liked by that community, huh, moron? Yeah, shut it.

Well, the community supports his game and passion as a game dev, as his games have a unique design style and gameplay. .-. I mean, he has a crapton of people on twitter and a few on the forums to keep supporting his upcoming games.

Not caring about his game (that includes Wilds.io) means 1) You don't care about what happens to it. 2) You don't care about its "statistics" and other crap. And 3) You basically wasted your time playing it.

Not caring about his life means that you're just taking his game "for granted". Pressuring him to hurry up, fix Wilds.io, and to not continue other games will potentially make everything worse. Heck, most of us don't even consider it.

This won't even matter if small fraction of the community leaves, there's still a crapton of people left.

Yeah, but what about the other games? Do people care about the game devs, as in their lives? No, they don't, since they expect the same quality they got from the start, and they get it! However, Rezoner doesn't do that. His quality just kept degrading from the start, and he just added ads every about 3 times you die, making it even worse.

How do you expect him to make a living as a game dev? (Note: We have no idea how much Rez makes) I mean, game devs can just totally drop a game for many other factors.

Would anyone be happy if he just discontinued Wilds.io? (He's still going to keep continuing it)

To be honest, you're right. It's kind of my fault because I made so many people ragequit, that was my goal after I left THEMK for the second time, and that's what happened. Meaning, my plan worked; good. Well, thanks!


that's why rezoner gave up on wilds.io no updates coming anymore I think

He didn't. He's just his hands full on other things. Wilds.io is already developed enough. Let him do other things.

Yea let him chill and relax.