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after your shield ends there is an short delay where you can't use shield again this is done on purpose so that shield is not overused, so in that time period you are really easy to hit. What I do to block this is superjump away.

DON't make 2 topics about the same thing and do not bump another post about an old shield glitch.
also do not call yourself an medium pro it sounds really cocky.

you were not in the top 10.
So you think matchmaking does not need a balance?
the other day i was fighting you Skull level and an axe lvl player vs me 1 star and axe lvl player.

But I do not blame people for doing it tho I mean almost everyone is doing it now, and I do not think rezoner cares that much about wilds anymore since it never reallly took off the ground and made him allot of money (I do not blame him he needs to feed has family).
So I guess wilds has become some kind of facebook where the guy with the most social contact in game wins, I played this game to relax not to be social

I think I am going to quit this game.

Iff you want to get better watch good people play and see what they do, the thing is some people like me have been playing this game for a few years, so they have almost seen every common move a few thousand times that makes it very easy to predict you're moves.
The best skill in this game is probally predicting the move the person is going to make next.

What I do when I suspect someone is going to use claw special or hammer swing when my block almost ends, I super jump away.

Another example look at the new number 1 player in arena he plays like shit compared to old top players.

ps this post is probbaly going to get allot of dislikes because most frequent forum users are doing this

I think it is an kind of last player standing so not same as hell mode.

that is not an bug probally egzekutor "look at scoreboard"
having some fun

everyone is just waiting on rez to come back, why post an idea when the devoleper does not even look at it

. Make the bow fire automatically once fully charged. This will reduce the mind game options that a bow user has. Basically make it the same nerf that all melee weapons got.
this one would make a big difference in arena this would be a must inmpliment :D