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Little Ideas Pack for Wilds.io by: MS  |
0. A great idea suggested by the       |
founder of MS is the rezoner drop      |
some of the wanderers.io and go back   |
just a little bit to the wilds D:      |
1.the CTF could be added again with new|
things, not necessarily a new map but  |
rather new mechanics inside it, new    |
bot system and so on, so the nobs      |
that run and roll would at least half  |
of them go there. so the PRO's could   |
dominate desert.                       |
2.When one of these 20 people would be |
the boss, selected automatically and   |
randomly, the boss could have 500 or   |
1000 of life since the players contain |
100 of life (which I know it.) He would|
be a little quick and a little bit     |
stronger than normal players, it could |
be ogre level (I know the ...)         |
3.The game could have air-drops boxes. |
The consequences in my opinion would be|
that it would leave the game a little  |
bit looser, and also it would not make |
much sense ... (I do not recommend this|
idea very much ...)                    |
4. Sickle. A scythe in the game I think|
would be a good weapon, it could have  |
about 2 to 5 damage (or not, it depends|
on your opinion.) And also I think she |
would be very beautiful in the game,   |
I think a great weapon for the pro     |
players.                               |

Remembering: Everyone has his opinion,
I do not mind being banned because I have offended certain people above.

Phroenix Killer

I do like the airdrop mechanic it make healing less eas

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