Your comments

iff this map wil be used you should first remove the bug where you can wall hug and you do not fall in the spikes

i saw this on rezoners twitter you can see the arrow not going straight but in a curve maybe hes going to implement this?

wilds io is primitive so the bows are also more primitive also it is a game for all we now we are on a planet with a higher gravity would explain those weird green little guys running around

ban it from arena  and browars
or make it that arrows loos momentum very quick so they have to come close because arrow only reaches 2,5 players wide

I can't agree more if this does not change is going to be an 3rd person shooter
Bows should be nerfed by making it that they can only schoot in 4 derections or that it only does 1 damage

and iff you kill 200 seals you'll get a fur coat