Your comments

agree its an hack and slash game not and hack/slash, and shoot game people that wanna play a shooter please go to vertix io.
the bow was always overpowered but people just didn't now that it was since all the top 3 players were playing with melee weapons.

i usually do the sprint jump away when on the ground because i suck at ground countering

I think bows should have never been in an hack and slash game since it incourages running

in arena everybody cares iff they win so the bows are always running, i do not have a problem with bows in ruins since you can just run from them.

I have never seen 1 bowman in arena not running

did you just call me an furry ? It had to be a fire ferret could not find another picture :')

well iff your op with an normal weapon in arena you can still be damaged but when people are op with bow they can't get touched

just stop giving this guy attention that is what he is after

every weapon takes skill that does not give it the right to be op