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Dumb decisions made bow change 3 times so far or so.1st was low speed hogh damage,then fast reload lower damage and now its fire rate and stamina consumption fucked.Like srsly,wtf,bow damage was ok so far but fire rate is jsut fucking irritating.It wasnt op at first and could be tackled but now is worse than wand or equally.Whoever did this,better fix it as soon as possible.I enjoyed game until this shitty update.

I mena it didnt took long to fuck it up so fixing it cant take longer than that.


the bow was op, but I am assuming you are a fort player since the bow was only op in arena.


Bow is op in right hands,and I play everywhere so it's not the case.But now bow is ruined and it's easy to say for others to say it's fine now since some may have trouble dealing with it and most players are mellee fighters so those noted ppl are ones to be saying that or thinking of it.


Just because someone can beat you with a weapon doesn't make it OP John lmao, if I remember correctly when I used to play at your level you would love having me on your team. Why is it only OP if someone beats you with it but not if they're on your team??


Garbage idea by Shiru once again as expected.


Salty salty.Noone complains about you being mistake of life whatsoever.Anyway,let's keep cool here and make ideas and share them aswell as our thoughts here instead of arguing.

F O R U M   U S E R

Lol Seal and Ukryty eat his ass.

to be honest bow and wand should have never be introduced in my opinion they reward you for running while a competitive hack and slash game should be the other way.

Well it's up to others which type and style of combat they want and how to perceive many others.Just to say bow and wand are ranged weapons and it's not unusual that ranged weapon like bow is in here,tho wand is pure fiction and it's nerfed af,and bow follows it.Many types and combat styles can counter others and ect.

It's really hard balancing range weapons to be among the melee weapons (Not quite the ice staff tho).

It's literally like trying to balance a fight between a knife and a gun...

Ranged weapons can be dealt with melee and there are many techniques,you can even fight ranged weapon with ranged.And bring melee against range can determine edge of player depending on it's skill and ways to face it.


Well speaking on behalf of people who can barely touch bow users...

I have no problem against ranged users specifically bows, and yes there are many other ways or techniques to counter a ranged weapon with a melee weapon; I even make up and experiment stupid ways to counter them ;p.

The majority though...doesn't seem to like the bow at all in terms of 1v1...

I completely agree with you, ruby. The fact that the weapon is ranged literally puts it on another completely different level from melee weapons, and we're trying to bring these levels as close together as possible.

guys cmon...the bow is less powerful but its still perfectly viable. people are still pulling off insane kills, high bone counts, and good arena ladder climbing with it and it still has a strong presence there.

you guys might be overreacting a bit 

I would agree with you if the stamina usage wasn't so high.

And also if fire rate was increased by 0.5 at least and if speed is increased by 100.

Idk about that lol, that would make the fire rate 0.15s which is insanely OP.

Well fire rate can be like previous.Stamina usage needs to be decreased and/or arrow speed needs to be up to 700 at least.Arrow ain't flying slow like shuttlecock if ya think about it.