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it was fixed


I think they would look better if you could see them connecting to the players back

ok I think i founded out for my self.  The top player in the arena gets 110 gold per match.  When his points go up everyones gold per match goes down.  I watched my gold pre match today while watching when ever master fought in the arena.

uhh, why does this matter?

That does not work too well.  What if you are fighting against someone like master?  No matter how you dodge he still hits you.  Also bow users I fight only come to me if there is an arrow flying and i am shielding or kicking.  Some bow users just dont come to me at all.  They just shoot and hit nomatter what.

Bow just is not fun to fight against.  Even if the kick is restored I would still like it banned from arena.

before kick was broken bow was still one of the best weapons

pretty good.  I think bows are very unbalanced right now so anything to debuff them or get them out of the arena works for me.

fire rate would be nice if you could use the block to block every arrow, but i would just like it removed from the arena because it is no fun to play against