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Upper post made by Celebrimbor has been made... 25 hours ago. At least this is what system on forum says. But his reply has been made 24 hours ago. Oh wait, it should be 1 day ago, right? :V


uhh, why does this matter?

becouse userecho is weird

Oh well...it's still a bug ._. +1

I at least applaud your attention to detail.

Go to knowledge base and go to "Our team" section. Find in Top contributors an user named The Shopkeeper and look at all his bug reports. Then you will try to delete this comment I replied but it got replied and you'll be MAD.

lol reminded me of women who count their baby's age in weeks even after they are 2+ months old


Straight from Poland:

-Hey, what a pretty baby! How old is it?

-It's 2758 hours old. What time is it?

-It's 39875 seconds after midnight.


+1 i got mentioned


I don’t understand why does that actually bothers you. I never give these things much of an importance. To me, all that matters is the replies and timely responses. If that is not happening, then it would be a great deal and we can call them weird as you say.

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What is it with newbies and bumping!!!!!


Lol that scumbag Ukryty's post.Poor newbie got cancer from that tumour pooped from his mother.


Lol just stop bumping it. Insulting urkrty while bumping an old irrelevant post isn't very helpful to the game. And could you please be less toxic? Insulting players like that isn't okay, especially if they're not even here to see your comment and don't get a chance to defend themselves.


Insulting humans isn't,I guess.What do ya think how did he cause trouble here with his mistake of life-friend Seal?With just spamm?Or bullying?Those reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.Their absense is punishment enough,though their birth can count too.Don't get me wrong but I had trouble with them in game.Bunch of assholes.