Your comments

Ok, arena is simple.  Claws are ok, bow is op, spear and wand are trash, axe is also trash, and hammer and sword are the best(besides bow which is op).  I guess your idea will somewhat help with runners and all but i feel like it will take away the meele part of the game.  Also it will make claws op.  

you know kick is just broken now right.  it is not directional it is just completely random.  i still can kick arrows 360 but sometimes kick just does not work.  also kick and block spamming is and always was useless.

if they are not running they just try to bait your kicks which is super easy to avoid.

some people just dont play fort.  I find the mode quite boaring because all you do is chase around runners.

yes, it is that easy.  When i was at staff in the arena i switched to bow and could still beat people in 1v1s up there.  That was my first time using it besides when i used it in axe rank

Yet it is realistic that wild barbarians teleport in on a map with an invisible force field with weapons and imideatly start rolling on top of one another shooting ice mage crap wtih bows with limitless arrows.  These barbarians also can take a direct hit with an axe and are fine.

The curve made it harder to get hit by your own arrow and nothing else

egz is a moderator i think so i will vote Jashin