My take on how to fix bows. (last bow post ever from me)

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Prologue It's been a long month of drama, drama that has had a lot of contribution from me and others.  But it's about time we move passed this issue, at this point its either rez does something or he doesn't.   Most of the time though I have done my shenanigans for the fun of it, but this time I'm buckling down to help this game.

The initial solution:  Let's skip to what should be done.  In my oppinion this game started out as an aggressive hack and slash that is sorta timing based with mind games.   So lets make the bow that fits with this idea by giving the bow ammo in ranked matches, hell maybe fort mode (mostly focusing on ranked matches Right now).   The fix includes giving EVERYONE a 'quiver' even melee people to keep track of the number of arrows in them

-Archers start with 8 arrows

-Arrows that hit hard objects break, or have a chance to break, or maybe just bounce off and become reuseable

-Arrows that hit a players shield or the players automatically get a 'point' in the arrow count of their quiver script (so in turn if an arrow was kicked back to a bow user he could 'take back' the arrow)

-When an archer rolls/kicks or hits a player or another archer they gain an arrow or two back to their quiver IF the player damaged has an arrow in their personal quiver (melee can't take arrows though)

-Super shot ability returns the arrow used but cannot be used if no arrows are present

-maybe an effective range for shot arrows, and if they land in the ground are reuseable

End Result  I'm going to be adding to this plan, but I am hoping from feedback from both parties, I know some things might seem like they'll change a lot but this encourages a bit less spamming play, further more I am open to ranged/Melee arena in alternative 

Thank you

Mild Mannered Pate

An addition: Boxes would contain some arrows if archer has no arrows.


Meh, give bow users that fun in fortress mode of infinite arrows.


How can you regain arrows in Arena/Browars?


As said if you hit someone's shield, or them in general.   The arrows put a number over them a (quiver) number of arrows on them even if they aren't melee.

so basically you can kick, roll, hit, or bash into that player who has your arrows and gain one or more back, I'd say to be fair you get 2.  Maybe some might think it fair to get only one back.    Or get an arrow from the ground that missed

Also, having arrows break if they miss might be too harsh. 

But melee people cannot take arrows like this, only archers can,  ALSO if this passes (probably won't) than mages will have an extra use as they don't have an ammo limit

How about when an Archer draws back the arrow, the bone count changes to number of arrows they have? Or a number just appears.


This is more talking about arena and how we can fix it, but I'd say each bone you gain you get an extra arrow, which can really add up if done right :/.   Also if you are refering to the number, it appears over their bonecounter/rank I presume.  But only bow users could see quiver count for all players since players who get hit technically have an arrow :P.


you know what? your idea is good in general. My personal view is:

1)quiver YES!! 

2)arrows sticking to walls and bouncing off/breaking when hitting harder stuff

3)boxes drop arrows

4)maybe arrow shop where 1 item = 5 arrows?

5)no arrow steals from each others quiver

6)idk about melee fighters carrying a quiver, i think its not a good idea

STILL +1 to this post because it adds simple yet interesting mechanics for bow users (id love to keep an eye on my arrow count and make every single shot worth it) and solves some issues like making bow runners less OP


also idk why 6 people downvoted without any substantial reasoning


Bow users downvoted it

Frickin elves and their bows...

About 6, you'd have to give melee people a 'quiver' for when they get hit by an arrow, it counts how many arrows are on them for the bow user to take back.  But only bow users can take arrows, so giving melee people this script also has no harm, but why not stealing?   It'd make it much easier to give the bow a fighting chance, I'm trying to fix it not destroy it.  Also, if you have a steal mechanic when doing damage gives them back an arrow that they shot in an enemy, than it gives reasons for bow users to get up close and be more aggressive, to find more ways to play

longer cooldown between shots. PROFIT

Meh... A little complicated. 

I really liked your original idea:(

This would probably add to the lag of the game with the new arrow physics.

My thoughts: lag sucks. How about the bow just like it is now, but with a simple quiver.

You start with 8.

Shooting an arrow makes you lose one from your quiver.

Doing enough damage to someone makes you gain an arrow.(As much damage as an arrow? Two rolls? One kick?)

Your quiver is full at twenty arrows, to avoid the beating on of noobs to get an almost infinite amount. 

This resets on death.

The special does not count as a normal arrow, so it would be like it is now.

No new arrow physics.

Still a really, really great idea though +1


Meh, it probably wouldn't be intense, but to answer your question any damage done, via roll, bow melee, kick, shield bash gives you a single arrow (though i'd personally rather you guys NOT have shield bash)

Again though going back to lag issues, I really don't see it being a problem seeing how rez seamlessly put bone count in, I mean, arrow count on every player even melee wouldn't be the worse thing.   

I'd personally like to see new arrow physics, like some drop because zooming out and shooting across the map is kinda ridiculous in fortress.