The Demon Wings

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     When the first update came out adding a bunch of new capes, I bought the white cape and then the demon wings. The white cape is my favorite, of course, because I think the demon wings make me look like I'm competing in a "who wore it better" challenge with Dumbo the Elephant. I call them the demon ears. The demon ears are directly on the sides of my skull, hence why I call them ears. I've grown a bit more used to them (I have to because I spent 14k gold on it), but please fix the positioning of them so that they're lower onto the back for players who wear them.

     Also, to those of you saying they look like ears because of my skull, it still looks like ears even with no helmet on.

Image 2738


I think they would look better if you could see them connecting to the players back

Rezoner might want to adjust the quality of the cosmetics... 

Changes I might make: 

  1. Making wings seem 3 dimensional.
  2. Making Demon wings move every 1 minute.

Well, at least you can hear your enemies approaching... I don't have much to say, other than: BILBOOO, Trim your ears xD

BILBOOO the elephant is still stuck in my head .__.