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The running will be annoying

I dont know.  I heard some stuff about him cheating a while back but idk.

Skilnox in the arena does not lose arena points

so if i rope bomb him i become the king of wilds

killing rezak does not make you the king of wilds

I don't really like it, the lunge attack is super hard to aim and very easy to counter.  The long range of the spear's regular hit helps against someone who is rolling but you can not get much damage in with it.  It is also countered like every other weapon with a kick.  The throw is pretty good but only because people have not gotten used to fighting spear.  Once people fight against it more it will be pretty useless.  Over all the other weapons all seem to be better then it but ice staff and axe.  Some one might get good at it but for now I think it is still one of the worst weapons in the game.

He is not on any wilds discord severs anymore i think