Your comments

i did not insult him.  i just said that he probably did not play much arena due to his statements.

Pretty sure one of the rules on the forum is "No Memes"

I would like that to happen alot, but the map also has to go, any weapon can be invincable on it

Yes they are bad and trash.  Claws can be ok somtimes but it is still not that good.  I am rank 10 in the arena right now btw and i have been rank 5. 

I take it you have not played much arena have you?  Spear is trash and claws are also bad.  Unlogged players cant kill anything

Alright, bow, its just unfun to play against.  Bow users might have a fun time playing with the weapon but when they do so they make the game miserable to people they are playing against.  Even if kick was fixed, arrows where limited, arrows where lower i would still not want to fight it.  I play wilds to have fun and bow ruins that.

he does not work on wilds any more because he is making a new game

claws are weak because the regular hit does 1.25 damage which is super low.  Also fixing the kick would help alot but bow is just not fun to play against.  Also if you dont want to do team work then you can play the regular arena.

Bow is currently super over powered we dont need it to be better.

we dont need more annoying ranged weapons in this game.