Your comments

Shiru who are you in game?

that does not work vrs high rank archers

i do agree with you that nobady should get score if it goes below 0 and both teams are tied because once in arena i was fighting on the bridge map and my opponet ran for 30 minutes lol

you kill the archer while the other person is hitting you.

It depends on what archer you are fighting.  In the arena the highly skilled archers almost always out bow you.  I can handle bows just fine i just dont have fun fighting them mainly in browars where you have to kill them with someone else on you.

Its up to the player weather or not they would like to cause cancer in the game or not.  Bows are mainly annoying in browars because well. you have to chase them while being hit by someone else or the other way around.  I am just sick of bows.

im on the fourms the same reason you are, boardom brought me here.  Pretty sure i always used to roll alot but i did not only sheild roll:/  also all bows are cancer including yours even if its  inactive

And the only reason you got so many wins off me with claws was because the alt i was playing on only had hammer which is garbage vrs claws.  Once i fond a diffrent alt with more weapons i killed your claws then you switched to sword and we had more fair fights.  I do not know who won more fights in the end but i won like the last 3 fights so ya B)

bows are just unfun to play against.  im fine with other runners now.  I found out that running is kinda usless because runners almost always miss many useful hits and are defenseless against a player who is better and hitting their special.