Your comments

venet....your bow strat is outdated no one falls for your baiting anymore.

pretty much ya bow ruins the game and its boaring to fight. 

also i destroyed you with like every weapon mainly sword....

I am also kinda trash with hammer :/ why am i da hammer nub

also kick is fixed now

Shiru Kurai ite... melee bowmen are so easy to beat. why would i respect them? no melee bowmen get high in the arena.  Why? because its a crappy strat.  if you want to be suicidle and give poeple free points im fine with that.  pretty much in the high ranks of the arena, no one stands skill and lets you kill them. In arena if you fight bow you fight a runner who is annoying to kill.  Even the venet baiting thing is basicly running and is annoying to fight.  I respect those bow men who use other weapons and are strong melee fighters.  No one though who gets a high arena rank gets all their points off of melee bow.  Now high ranking bow fighters simply just run and shield bash.  I do not think fighting this will be a fun experience for 3v3s. 

bruh i can destroy bow just fine but do i have a fun time chassing someones ass around the map? no

da fuq dat number

3v3s, no items, regular arena map, no bows?

1.  There is no rule in the game that says "no one is allowed to kill rect"

2. no one cares about cursing

3. i still dont want to team with you not everyone who is better then you has to be your ally

4. your not being nicer to anyone you still treat everyone like they are your bitch and im sick of it

5. sure you dont have alts, PLS PEACE and rect7911 are totally diffrent people on the form

6. hell ya i use alts ig its allowed

Alright, im just getting sick of how you act like you are better then everyone even though you are complete trash at pvp.  You are constantly being a hypocrite and often valture me and then brag about it.  I have a reason to be mad at you

ya i still want to be bald

because valentines day is in 8 days and rez seems busy in wanderers i  do not think he will be able to implement this in time.  We also dont need more bows ruining this game

actually, half of the players in the game are me on a different account.

any idea that does not cuase cancer is a good one